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Maybe stronger than what the Trump administration has been giving off on this issue so far. However, it doesn't really go as far as what congress would want which is to sort of lay blame on they're still sticking to the line that, you know, investigations are ongoing, and and they want to wait for those investigations for those that factfinding mission as it were to be completed before they make a judgement at the end of the day. He did go to Saturday that he did meet with Hamad bin Salman, and there continues to be these differences in the US position between what what what the administration wants. And what made the intelligence community is saying this is really at the core of this issue. It's the position of the US administration on the Saudi Crown prince. And this is emblematic of how the relationship is at the moment as well as right? I mean, the US administration. I e President Trump, essentially. Has been very supportive hammered on this issue. And whereas there's been leaks from what the CIA saying. And there's what people in congress and the Senator saying which are much more really very critical of of. Hamilton assignments role in all of this. There's a feeling that he needs to take responsibility for this President Trump says no there is no evidence to link him. Of course, the Saudis themselves are saying we are taking actions. And they are the prosecutor has taken action people are in jail people are being prosecuted in the are ongoing. And they're saying what they're clear about is that the prince himself has nothing to do with this..

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