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So I was with two uncles and a cousin and we're heading down to Miami for vacation. This is Roland Sylvain and what he's talking about happened almost 20 years ago. You know, we're having a good time. Listen, the music he's feeling good sailing down the open road going about 82 Miles an hour, which is more than the speed limit. And as he's cruising through Virginia, a police car pulls up behind him. I just heard the science behind Deciduous. Pull over and when I pulled it out. Oh, man, Like I'm going to get in some serious shit because I don't have my license on me and all the guys are like, What are you talking about? That I don't like I mean, I mean, I have my life, but I'm suspended. Roland Sylvain was born in Haiti, though, by the time of his birth in 1978. Most of his family had 1 Ft. Out of the country. My grandfather actually was the one that started it. He had issues in Haiti for political reasons of things like that. His grandfather's problems started during the brutal dictatorship of President Francois Duvalier, who's usually known as Papa Doc. Papa Doc allowed no political dissent while he ruled the mortality rate of political prisoners reportedly was the worst in the world. He and his son known as Baby Doc, ruled over Haiti from the late 19 fifties till the maid 19 eighties For the first time in nearly 30 years of Duvalier Dictatorships, Haitians are talking openly about overthrowing their leader. Roland doesn't know exactly what went wrong. But by the time he was born, his grandfather was building a new life for himself in New York City. He was one of tens of thousands of Haitians who came to the US around that time patients have been fleeing their island claiming to be refugees from political repression. Within a few years, Rollings grandfather got settled and was able to bring the rest of his family to New York legally on. And so in December of 1985 little seven year old Roland boarded a plane in shorts and a T shirt and food to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City. And given.

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