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Colorado's new pro. Soccer team has a cool name in the question. What the hail. Seven twenty five. Now thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten kfi k. a. dot com northern colorado voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist studios referring piece by kevin lionel out of the fort collins colorado in. Yes the new pro soccer team coming to windsor as a rather unique. Nick meet the northern colorado hailstorm f c now the hailstorm name once officially announced thursday by the club after a months-long naming and brand creation process the club crest features mountain range at the top with hailstone slashing through the crest to crest designer. Christopher payne said it was a four month long process that never forget. Let's pretty cool. Actually i am extremely proud of the brand that we have created. The crest is bold and striking and has so many references to the local area. I love collaborating with this ownership group. They have an ambitious and exciting plan for this club and the local community. And i can't wait to see the club on the pitch in two thousand nine hundred ninety two The official colors are navy white and tan by the way but how unique is the name. Sure unique is a word that is highly overused well. It garnered attention from twitter from sports. Illustrated's brian strauss. Brian strauss is one of the most prominent soccer writers in the country. Now the club will begin. Play in the us. L. one in twenty twenty two at the future legends complex in windsor. Which by the way some look forward to as well well also helps the minor league baseball team the northern colorado so lots of look forward to their seven twenty-seven now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi a dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios. Right still have a lot to get to you. Know we tend to grow a little bit about the fact. And i think with good reason that we are your live and local source for everything you need to know northern colorado thirteen ten kfi am is indeed northern nut. Colorado's voice and we are so excited to welcome a true radio legend. Brian gary back to the airwaves. You might know that name. Gary spent thirty years at k ninety nine in windsor where he won the wrecks. How cpa of the year to samay awards for small market radio personality of the year and in two thousand seventeen was inducted into country music or the country radio. Excuse me hall of fame. Yes he was an integral part of the good morning guys. Well he's flipping that script as the good afternoon guy with brian. Gerry begins on monday. July nineteenth airing weekdays from three to five pm. So we're gonna chat with brian. Gary welcome him to the family when he joins us this morning. Right around seven. Forty coming up keith. Wineman presidential wealth in loveland as five stocks that were up when the market was down. And apparently there is a pretty darn big retail sales surprise. Keith wineman presidential wealth ways in right around seven thirty five this morning and of course is always. It's friday or make that fry. May kevin car fat guys at the movies. Back guys. At the movies dot com. Join us to talk about some of the new releases that a out in theaters and beyond the big movie of the week is space jam. A new legacy. There's also escape room tournament of champions but this might tell you something about that movie because well it was not screened got some offerings up on apple. Tv plaza net flicks and disney plus as well kevin car fat guys movies. That guys at the movies dot com. Course he can hear his weekly syndicated radio program each and every saturday right here on thirteen ten k. f. gay from noon to one kevin ways in this morning at eight thirty five seven thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi kfi what's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. At seven thirty three keith. Whiteman presidential wealth in loveland on and we got five stocks. That were up there. Contrarians when the market was down and a huge retail sales surprise. they keep. Let's get those five stocks in just a minute first. June retail sales a huge surprise overnight and futures trading markets tied to the economic recovery. Were leading gains. The market was on the upside not by a lot perhaps prompted by the yield on the ten year treasury climbing back above one point three percent but then at six thirty. The june retail sales were released now. Economists were expecting a drop from the month of may of four tenths of one percent instead they got a six tenths of one percent increase from may to june and if you take out cars with tens of thousands of new cars sitting on lots on sold because they don't have the computer chips to install and activate the computers that drag that six tenths of one percent number down. You take out those cars and june retail sales. Were up one point three percent when they were expected to be down. Four tenths and up command. It you got it pent up demand we want our lives back. And so what are the markets doing the reacting as you would guess the dow industrial average up thirty nine to thirty five thousand and twenty six. I saw over at over thirty five thousand by forty four points just a few minutes ago. The s and p five hundred up thirteen at four thousand. Three seventy three in the nasdaq up. Seventy five at fourteen thousand six hundred and eighteen going into trading this friday morning the s&p five hundred was down two tenths of one percent for the week also going into trading this morning and in contrast to the overall market apple up two point three percent for the week net flicks alphabet microsoft. All up well. Over one percent for the week and moderna shares up seven percent in pre-market trading on news that moderna was selected to join the s p. Five hundred and it did that yesterday afternoon. Now all five of those stocks are included in the thirty five stock investment program that i'm recommending to my clients so if you want to go back and get a list of those five stocks that were up when the markets were down and the thirty stocks that go with them in the sophos investment program. Just shoot.

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