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The united states of america versus william foster transcript of his trial more slavery violating the prohibition against international slave trading but this is these are here this is the natural nation this is the naturalization one here africa africa mhm tony thomas archie thomas there charles louis africa job read this is it's awesome kitty joe this africa each twenty one october twenty thirty sixty eight okay fairly convinced are you convinced now that he did exist natty came from africa i'm this is our descendant dismissed sylvianne a diaz dreams of africa in alabama a meticulous account of africa town's founding as a fraud her documents several of which we saw in the mobile museum also frauds he called zora neale hurston plagiarised and well in fact she has been charged with that and he called kodjo lewis suggestive child grown old newspaper reports eyewitness accounts official records fosters criminal trial all frauds the clotilde he said would never have been able to enter the port of mobile he seems wrong about all of that and yet his larger point the one to which he returns again and again is this right is fresh air and sunshine sparkling on the water and that is this is not the real story mike i'm saying you you come to a call rick you want to take care of the people that was hurt but y'all come report you report on the car just just over the top being something you lead a people laying the street dan you're to say it's not about a slave ship or the last living slave as a reporter i see those as narrative hooks reminders pats to empathy the descendant called them white people stories distractions the real story being slavery's lasting impact it's evolution from jim crow to mass incarceration it's about injustice reparations not cujo not tilda they try to find a day ahead of group you making tons of money what did i tell you about the car wreck industry people come in here in davos and everything and they didn't find anything because what nothing that fire.

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