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Tennis tournament is coming to the windy city from, September second to the night come. Support American, tennis athletes at, the oracle challenger series it's a. Combined men's, and women's tennis tournament held at the excess tennis village in, Washington park watched these incredible up and coming athletes before they become superstars this tournament is free and, open to the public. To learn more visit oracle challenger series dot com WBZ news time six eleven, emotions, ran, high, outside of. Cook County courtroom this evening in the moments after jurors, convicted, a second reputed. Gang member in the two thousand thirteen. Drive-by shooting that killed king high school honor student had Pendleton WBZ m.'s. Bob Roberts was in, the courtroom for the verdict and he's live on the. News line from the lighten criminal courts building well Jim this time it was ideas father Nathaniel. Pendleton who shouted for joy outside of the courtroom downstairs is. He declared Justice served mother Cleopatra Cowley wept it is something that we've been waiting off over five Justice Man I just want to thank everybody that supported. Us that's been here for the last five. Years Well. We've been going through all hopes and downs This is all good this is not Mickael awards mother said her son will appeal saying the prosecution's case did not fit the facts and that. They consider the confession false and. Coerced no date is set for, sentencing live from the latent courts building Bob Roberts NewsRadio on what l. five point nine FM a sixty three year old fire rescue truck is for sale, in Batavia and the fire chief says he wishes he could keep, it the TV and needed a fire rescue trucks. So badly in the mid nineteen fifties people went door to door to raise the money to buy it. And equip it about five, thousand dollars now after decades of service but only twenty. Three thousand or. So miles, on it it's for sale quite frankly I didn't think it was worth very much. At all the TV a fire chief Randy. Dyke's says he was surprised to learn it may be worth at least what they, paid for it sixty. Three years ago five. Thousand dollars more I'm hearing about it the more I think it's probably worth a little bit of money and chief. Dyke's says, the truck does need. Work he says He wishes he could keep it because the Batavia fire, department already has. Historic fire..

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