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Oh i'm a shower curtain and i do one thing keep water from leaking everywhere so you see why feel useless compared to gyco who does so much more like not only could gyco save you money but they've been around for over seventy five years and they give you twenty four seven access online over the phone or on the geico app and they've got a ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating they do all this while i have to listen to this chuckle head oh good he stopped oh create an encore geico expect great savings in a whole lot more welcome to spain fits the podcast chased him fits one of my favorite memories from last year during the nashville predators stanley cup final run actually was watched parties and i remember specifically the stanley cup final against pittsburgh that they sold out the arena on the inside and there were about thirty thousand people outside of for a block party and they turned the entire downtown area into this massive they put screens everywhere food trucks everywhere everybody comes down and everybody parties that in and of itself is a great moment in a great way to wash came but sarah washington has taken a i'd say even a step further because it took a little bit of love and a great symbiotic relationship from the wnba to make this happen yeah i mean it's pretty cool and hopefully it turns out as well as everyone's expecting basically the the washington miscast mystics featuring the great elena delon who i'm still really depressed was able to talk out of playing for the chicago sky another season how to game and the caps wanted to have their their watch party there so the the mystics kindly changed to a four o'clock start but all the fans wanting to get into the arena and getting a seat in a spot for the watch party started buying all the tickets to get into the arena early by getting into the game so then i think at one point it was sold out and tickets were getting resold and then they said all right we're making it free somehow an opening up some more i'm not exactly sure how it happened but essentially what the result will be is that the mystics game will be total sell out with tons of washington fans they're fired up and hungry for a stanley cup final.

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