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And and i know that hurt people hurt people and i know that these toxic roles we've all been raised with have been hard for them to enter. The patriarchy has nothing for men. Either and so i i. I'm so heartened when you talk about the conversations you're having with your son. I get so excited whenever one of my really good friends who i think is a legendary human has a son. I'm like a better future for man is coming and and i think we all need that. Yeah i think when we talk about the patriarchy. I think one way that that we can topple. The patriarchy is by creating the space for men to be able to be vulnerable. Because like you said hurt. People hurt people and anything. That's that's exactly what i had a. I had a couple that i was seeing and one person said to the other. You know what three words would make me feel so loved and the person said obviously i love you and the other person said no. It's i understand you those three words i understand you. Isn't that what we all want. Absolutely and. I think that there's something that you talk about in your book that is sort of leaping out of my brain. That's like a flashing light bulb right now when you talk about the fact that there is no hierarchy of pain but we all whether we're talking about these gender roles for men and women and whether we're talking about people who think that they're paying higher or lower on a scale based on privilege or access whether we look at the verticals of how people are defined and have been harmed in society you know. Lgbtq plus folks are non binary friends Folks were oppressed because of because of race or so any economic status. What can happen as we get conscious is that we say oh well mark. My pain is not as important as this person's pain or yes. This terrible thing is happening in my neighborhood but did you see To pull from current events at the time that we're recording. Did you see what's happening in colombia. Right now what do we have to be upset about. And.

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