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So apparently Paul wanted to stay. He just couldn't get the number. Which is odd. You know, he's a pretty good player. He's the assistant captain there. I'm surprised they couldn't come to an agreement. Yeah, so Riley Nash, they got him from Arizona for the future considerations. It's got a little depth guy for that fourth line. I'm sure you wouldn't be a surprise to see him as someone who gets dinged up. Let's see Calgary solidified therefore with depth a little by picking up Kelly and earlier in the week from Seattle for a trio of picks. The pending UFA making $2 billion Seattle is going to retain half of that 26 points in 49 games. He's cousins with new teammate Elias lindholm and the two of them in markstrom often the same Swedish town, how do you say what Gail Gable, GA VLE? Do you ever hear of it? No, I never have, but that's so sick. To get the chance to play with your cousin on one of the best teams in the league to try to chase a Stanley Cup. That's unreal. Yeah. So I'm pretty pumped and Jan crook had some great great seasons with Nashville, right? A playoff type player and Lynn Holmes obviously had the best year of his career so far. So that's exciting for those guys. Yeah, and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that monaghan, he's coming off an injury riddled off season where he got a couple surgeries. I think bilateral sports hernia. He had his groin fixed up and even maybe his wrist. And over the last 15, 20 games, he just, I don't know, man. It's like the wear and tear, it can add up, but right now they have a mustard as a fourth line center. You go from a guy maybe three seasons ago, he was a point a game player, so they had to add somebody on that third line center position who was a guy who can go up and down the lineup and it was a great move. It was the move they needed to make and it sucks and who knows maybe monaghan ends up catching fire, which would just be an added bonus, but a big reason why I think they ended up making that trade. And sometimes you see some guys without the foot speed that was once there when they were younger and monaghan was never the quickest player. Now along with the injuries, maybe struggling, but the crazy thing is and I was a horrific plus minus guy, so I'd like to think that sometimes it is a little bit of an overrated stat analytics people will mention that it really doesn't matter and that the true plus minuses are the core seeing things like that. But they got goudreau. I'm going to list off some plus minuses of the flames. They got guys at plus 44 plus 37 plus 46 plus 20 plus 26 plus 25 plus 15 plus ten that goes on and on and on. You get to Sean monaghan -14. So nobody is even remotely close to him in that lineup. So it's been really a tough season for him. Enough where I heard there was some real mentions of him getting traded today. Now that didn't go down, but if he can improve his game and get to a level that he was at, not three years ago when he had 80 points, but even the past few years, then they become even more dangerous, but it's been a real tough goal for him. You never like seeing that. All right, it's a couple more deals here. Boys, if you want to chime in, jump in. We've got to mention though. Natural added defenseman Jeremy lizard from Seattle. They sent the second in 22,000. Blockbuster. He's got one. He's got one more year left at a 188 150 K so he's got some term there. That's why that Seattle though doing good work. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, they got that guy in the expansion draft, or was it? No, it was, yeah, he was Boston, Boston. Yes, he's expansion draft free pick at boom. You get a sucker rounder. They had a bunch of that. And so they're doing Ron Francis is doing a hell of a job because he didn't get the chance to swindle every team like Vegas. Between Seattle and Arizona, they have every single pick in this year's I'm coming draft first and second round. That's quite the feat. Arizona has as many picks that would fit into the arena to watch the game next year that they'll be playing in. This is 7th favorite team. Winnipeg, I mean they're not doing nothing this year. Let's see, added mason Appleton. They lost Nathan. They sent Seattle afford the 23 for Appleton and from Pittsburgh. They got a 7th and 22. They also picked up Zach Sanford from Ottawa for a 5th and 22. The connects swapped out a Travis for a Travis. They sent the third and 22 to Toronto for defenseman Travis dermott, and then they sent Travis Hermann to Ottawa for a third and 22, it's a separate pick not the same pick. And the kings added defenseman Troy statue from Detroit for a 7th and 22. I believe that's about it for the major deals. I know some depth deals minor league type guys, but I think that's pretty much it for everybody. We do want to let you know that if you want to win the Stanley Cup, you need a championship team. If you want to win at buying a home, you need the team at cross country mortgage. There you go. Your defense in your forwards. On the gloves come off, you can count on.

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