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This country to great country that it is this to pull in the morning seven fifty ten minutes before eight o'clock ghani seventy the answer suzy cerrone highwire italianamericans look it is yes i am lot when you say does villages challenge it is beautiful romantic and just just great melodic is right do you know where your family some my grandfather was somewhere in yes sir moreover slouch he died in the in his fight he's on my father was little light point decade means the suit suzy submitted and we'll go to traffic you don't know how tough it was to come over to the country the jfk been waiting online and slows the beautiful air could just building steriods later and detonate and they were treated like dogs easy they still came to this country in the crowd to be you know americans godfather a little primary watched got but not all italians have anything to lifestyle story the seven fifty what how we do it out the shall we car accident on the park lane at one thirty seven it just think twice hit his slammed on the parkway northbound one thirty one one thirty seven southbound side of parkway no one twenty nine to the turnpike that's an accident sabah seventeen more allendale great delays through southbound cesare salvi solid waste kessar accident on six 84 south any rated lot his monday alternate side is in effect to separate accidents being a prosperous west and when you if certain one your white thanked road accident queens deli i like eating two lanes around the is saturday thirty nine two theories well george washington bridge forty five for the every actually mid spent twenty the lower the lincoln it's forty polit about twenty minutes the better dealt the whining approach suzzie surround seventy the answer so father's day is a thank you suzy fathers as the tease june eighteen my birthday seventy the unthinking a birthday father's day we ten a day of not being i'm going to do nothing father's day do i have the ultimate father's day gift for you and it's.

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