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It can point you to hundreds fascinating crypts and graveyards to visit all with their own stories to tell have you want sort of spooky religious sites a much closer relationship to death and the idea of human and even human remains I mean Mexico and comic people go and they take out reason for this what was the philosophy why was this created Dylan that is such a very important reminder in when I was at the Capuchin crypt just last year I made friends with one of the capuchin monks and we walked through there and he told me this place is a place of joy for me because it helps me not to be afraid of death you know he just wanted to remind me that this is just a little blip in time and and there's something afterward to recognize that this fear of death is a little bit of a cultural hangup that we have here in our coast church I remember being in Romania made some friends and I noticed there was a human skull on the mantle above the fireplace and they said Oh that's GRANDPA in a lot of cultures people still go to the material on on special days and they light candles and they actually celebrate with their loved ones who are no longer in this world that's right I love that story about the the monk and be being a place of joy because it's it's a perfect example of it's always worth trying to understand a place from its own cultural context and not just yours exactly that's good travel Scott thanks for your call welcome thank you thank you and happy Halloween right listen obscure co-founder Dylan is helping us look at some of the stranger places the world has to offer now on travel with Rick Steves their bestselling book is now out in its condition right now they're finishing up Trivia Book Tour San Francisco Boston L. A. in Brooklyn there's more on their website Atlas Obscure Dot Com and Nancy's calling in from as scary place called Sandwich in Massachusetts Nancy thanks for your call I had a question recently I Minnesota visited the three major island but I heard about the spooky island of Ovadia I believe it's twelve if played island behind doc ID wanted to go over there and then I heard that the public is allowed and there's no access and I was wondering how these other people there's an island about that Dylan you know about the Plague Island Paul vaguely ah in the video I do and I know that it is off limits to tourists yes I think to gain access there are sort of two ways some people just didn't ask permission but I think other people have gone out there you know I think it's symbol to get permission from the right people the Venetian municipal government but I think probably requires a little bit of footwork you could get to play again they'd probably send you there Steve You know one island that you can go to is the cemetery island in Venice and that's very easy trip just five minutes of very right away from the main part of Venice it's a fascinating opportunity to wonder through the historic cemetery of that great city but You know that was a big deal The Middle Ages was to quarantine people with the plague and Venezuela's the city that was seafaring trading city and you'd imagine they don't WanNa let somebody with the plan they come into their town because they know what happens then you could do a whole tour based on plague sites in Europe the plague would sweep through and kill a third of the people and they've usually the poor people and it's not just Europe I mean New York is an archipelago which has both islands that were used for quarantine of tuberculosis victims and and it has a cemetery island as well heart island is one of the world's largest pauper's graveyards and still an active use and this is called Heart Island H. A. R. T. Heart island mostly off limits to the to the public about starting to open up a little bit more all right he will not next time you're in Venice sneak onto Leia and send us a postcard okay bye bye happy Halloween travel with Rick Steves we're talking with Dylan Thrace Skeleton Lake take us there this is one of these stories that when someone submitted it towels obscure I was sure it was a fake I was sure they were trying to get one.

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