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Because the fastest growing segment of the American workforce people in their seventies so the candidates are actually mirroring mirroring. What is happening to all of us? Retirement would set at a time. When the average age of death was sixty seven announced? Most people will live twenty years longer. We also have so there are two things one is your life span and the other is your health span and our health span is much longer so people are cognitively and physically able to do things things that we used to do in middle aged adulthood. Well into elder hood. Now we are. You know kind of like people don't realize that adolescence didn't exist as a time of life until child labor laws and the industrial revolution. That means it's less than one hundred and fifty years old and yet and you know try and deal with American culture avoiding adolescence totally impossible so we are the generation that is redefining this new stage of life which many of the candidates fall into? I don't know that fifties are the best you know. People are are more often more stressed advantaged people And I think we could argue that the people who have the wherewithal to run for office are generally in the advantaged group Tend and do have much higher levels of anxiety and less happiness in middle age and become more happier eight more happier become happier more confident do know my grammar as a sign or clear priorities. Gosh I hope really early which would be very disappointing But be much clearer on priorities And in some ways you know we tend to focus only on the negatives of old age when we talk about the older candidates and and we focus less on the positives on that the understanding that is gained over a long life of things Being more popular and less popular of things changing of the values that really matter of the shortsightedness of politics and the long-term harms that are often done and hand a person who doesn't have his whole career ahead of them or isn't in their fifties with forty years of ambition. Going might focus more on doing doing the right thing. Instead of the thing that will get him or her elected again. The round. Look so I think there are a variety of advantages and as with all things old age we tend to speak up the negative and you just ignore the positive. Yeah that's a big when some people listening to this there'd be might be heading grandma and GRANDPA's house for Thanksgiving And so what some things to keep in mind some positives about you know when you're hanging out with grandma and GRANDPA are your Godmother a grant godfather whatever That that that might be to keep in mind with this is mostly been like blew out people falling down and in deteriorating erasing. What are some positives about about you know being in your seventies and eighties and beyond right so there are so many things people are often Emotionally more healthy and have perspective on things. Because they've seen sings that might have sent them into a crisis earlier. That went okay. It worked when you look at emotional intelligence. I mean there's a little bit of mixed data but overall it seems to go up It's also true that when you look at diversity of workplaces and I'm assuming the same holds true families although I haven't seen studies of this The diversity quotient that leads to the most highly functional final and productive teams is having people of different ages And I think we tend to look at workers and assume we want What's often referred to as equality? Not We want the same thing from everyone and it turns out the most functional teams may be the most functional political teams may be the most functional families are ones that. Don't look for the same thing from everybody but look for what's called equity look for something of value from everyone Recognize the people have different needs and different strengths at different ages And maybe you do trades you know like Grandma and GRANDPA or your parents might have some pretty good wisdom dating advice or work advice or you know. Should you put all your money in that. Or should you wait and see given what's going on And you know maybe the tire needs changing. And it's getting a little harder to you know turn the Ja- using the the bolts or something as you get older tire often so you can help with that with your greater strength which you tend to have an youth youth. I was tempted to go with the computer thing. Right which is again. That's somewhat cliche. Although you know if they're asking you about snapchat they might need the hand with that. Yeah I even need a hand to that point yet. Thank you so much for being on its own. It was really fun. Thanks for having me. I'd like to thank you all for listening. I'd like to thank Dr Aronson for coming into the studio today in San Francisco to report. Today's podcast I'd like to thank the King King Kaufman and the crate one Karen Creighton for producing. Today's podcast. 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