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Off Warner Media. What will it mean for viewers? Now? The news Life from NPR News. I'm Janine Herbst. The battle between Israel and Hamas shows little sign of letting up. Militant rocket fire into Israel continues as to Israeli air strikes on Gaza. NPR's Jackie Northam has more from Jerusalem. It's nighttime here, and Israel has launched another air operation. Military says it's targeting and if hit the homes of about five Hamas commanders, it often launch a big attack very early this morning, with dozens of warplanes pounding Gaza, and the military says it dropped more than 100 bombs and rockets In less than half an hour. They demolished small businesses and factories and roads, which could affect humanitarian aid and the economy. NPR's Jackie Northam. President Biden spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today, telling him he supports a ceasefire. But so far the White House has declined to publicly call for one instead calling for de escalation. By an administration is informed members of Congress of its plans to sell $735 million in weapons to Israel. And here's Claude agree Solace reports the window for Congress to object to the move is quickly closing. Two congressional aides confirmed to NPR reporting by the Washington Post that lawmakers were informed of the weapons sales to Israel on May 5th. Congress has 15 days to object through a joint resolution of disapproval, but none has been filed in either chamber with a deadline quickly approaching this week. Spokeswoman for Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said ranking Texas GOP representative Michael McCaul supports the plan. The spokeswoman also noted the sale was informally cleared in April before Congress received its official notice on May 5th. Triggering the 15 Day review process that ends on Thursday. Clark agrees Ellis NPR NEWS Washington A judge in Minnesota today set a December 6th trial date for a former police officer charged with killing a black man during a traffic stop last month. Azmat Sepik of Minnesota. Public radio reports. Kimberly Potter has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter in the death of Dante, right. Hotter shot right during a traffic stop in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center as she and another officer trying to arrest the 20 year old on an outstanding firearms warrant on body camera video. Potter is heard shouting Taser as right who was unarmed, breaks free and gets back into his car. But instead of using a Taser Potter fires her nine millimeter handgun. Prosecutors say they have collected more video from the day of the shooting, including body camera footage from the officer. Potter was training as well as video from door belt and surveillance cameras. Potter's defense attorney says he objects to televising the trial, but the prosecution says cameras should be allowed in the courtroom. For NPR news. I'm at Sepik in Minneapolis Wall Street Lower by the closing bell, the Dow Down 54 the NASDAQ Down 50 S and P. 500 downtown. This is NPR. 66 degrees at 604. I'm Odette Yussef with WBC news in for Melville, Laura. Illinois's governor says fully vaccinated people can now go unmasked indoors. But businesses will not be required to verify whether someone's actually vaccinated. WB Easy's Maria willful reports The new guidance is a big concern for the advocacy group of doctors called Impact led by University of Illinois Doctor Shika Jane. Our concern is not that we feel that vaccinated people shouldn't have to wear masks because Yes, In theory. When you look at the science that makes sense, The challenge is ensuring that the people who aren't wearing that are indeed vaccinated. A spokesperson for the governor says it's up to businesses how to confirm vaccination status, but that they're not even required to do so. Businesses can choose to keep requiring masks and masks are still required for everyone on public transit in congregate settings and health care settings. Royal Willful WB Easy news. Police reform experts are panning Chicago's new policy on when and how police officers can raid people's homes. The changes follow a raid on the home of Anjanette Young when officers got the wrong address. Police body camera footage showed young, fresh out of the shower naked and pleading for help. His officers searched fruitlessly through her things. Craig Futterman is a professor professor with the University of Chicago Law School. There's some improvements without a doubt in the policy, but the end of the day. The CPD order still allows officers to burst into people's homes in the middle of the night without giving families the chance to respond still allows police to point their guns that young Children Nonetheless, Futterman says, it's good. The new policy requires officers to verify facts in search warrants and mandates more supervision by police bosses. The Pitchfork Music Festival plans to return each Chicago's Union Park in September. Organizers say anyone older than 12 will have to provide proof of vaccination of covert or a.

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