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When perseverance made it to Mars. Kristina's grandmother took her granddaughters contributions to the mission as also part of her own. In the moment of landing, you know what she had said. Is that your young again? Martha because her granddaughter had got in there and it was it was very special because We are here because of our families because they supported us with whatever means they had. It's the foundation and the path that the explorers and my family paved for me to be here. As we mentioned in the very beginning of the episode, this recent mission was built off previous ones. Alejandro Meagles and Martine is the chief engineer of guidance and control section at NASA JPL He's been with NASA since the eighties. Part of the sign of personal reasons. For example, the spacecraft that transport perseverance from Earth to Mars, he said, the sign that we did for Mars Pathfinder in the nineties that mission Miguel's first on Mars landed on the Red Planet on July 4th 1997 with the rover companion named Sojourner. The small £25.6 Wheeled rover on Lee, designed to last a week would end of spending 83 days, capturing 550 pictures and taking atmospheric measurements from the planet's surface. He says. During that mission, they were encouraged to follow their product all across the mission, so from the very initial design to the implementation to the testing and then flying it. He says. At that point, he felt like he'd be lucky if he was to ever be part of another Mars mission. Remember having a conversation with the veteran of JPL that was part of the Pathfinder? He said that I feel sorry for you guys because you know I'm about to retire. So this is a great way to retire. But you guys will. You know, in the beginning of your career, you will never experience another mission like this. His colleague was wrong. Miguel in many of his co workers were to get an opportunity to work on another mission. The landing of Twin Rovers, spirit and Opportunity on Mars in different days of January of 2000 and four Then, he says they also used a lot of the same designs from the Pathfinder mission. And then came curiosity where also the same group of team of people that we met in past friend there we continue. Evolving on inventing the waste of landing on Mars in the case of curiosity, because all the previous missions that are worked that landed on Mars used air bags, so I I wanted to work on a mission that landed softly. Can. The team created a landing contraption that landed the rover like a helicopter. Miguel would go on to work on other missions, including the landing of perseverance. It was a new experience for me, because in the previous missions First of all, I was part of the mission in this one in perseverance that was a consultant. The perseverance team will come to me with questions and you know, and during the actual trip to Mars, I was part of also of a team that provided Regular consultation to the team. Together is originally from Argentina. He was born on a family farm in La Patagonia, but grew up and went to school in Buenos Itis every winter and summer vacation, though he'd go back to the family farm. That's where my father taught me about this. The stars. He was a civil engineer. And he built roads, dirt roads in some cases in the Patagonia. And for that, you know, before GPS they navigated using the stars. So my father knew the stars at night in the farm. People teach me all the constellations and all the stars. Mikael began to develop the mind of an engineer, you know, fascinated by all the machinery, particularly the farm. The older mechanical equipment and also, you know the radio's on the TVs and so very early age. I wanted to be an engineer and then something that he vividly remembers to this day. He saw a man stepping onto the moon for the first time. Armstrong is on the move. Neil.

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