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So by the way speaking of there is the John Albertson also directed a bunch of other movies. He directed New Year's Eve with Peter. Falk anyone ever see that movie. Oh is that now bookies and doing something I realize is that I was thinking of a Shitty Harlem New Year's evil which I've seen on done but because the Pat Morita voices really offensive. We're going to be doing in Peter Falk instead just swap it out. Playing the role of Mr Miyake will be Peter Fall at the beginning. They you know. What do you call it? The LARUSSO finds them. 'cause there's other the sink and Pat Morita is like trying to get fucking he. He's gotta be wasted. He's he's he's trying to get her runner. MR meow Mr Biagio. He's gotta be wasted. He's trying to get like a fly with chopsticks and he's upstairs closets going crazies and Al.. I'll be a blade. y'All just latest. What's that kid speaking to my good? I Yeah I'll be up to fifty sinking his second Ma'am Kinda. He smokes Jagna. I'll be right up after I run into liquor store. Real quick cash. He's he's ran out of Bourbon last night so You know he larussa going along at. He's like just riding his bike on a hill. All I listen android Yuban in the hotel room this morning. Chuckling pretty hard at this get eaten shit off spike fallen down this tale. It's awesome it's high stakes. Bullying at this point be escalated. We're running this kid off the road. It's like if he was at a a better school the administration's with step in for sure not here. So fucks up his bike. He comes home and again. He's yelling at his bike. He is thrown. He is is trying to throw this bike and a dumpster. Pretty funny stupid by going to pretend speed. He's taking all that hate has role. These friends friends have turned their back on him. Immediate directly an inanimate object. That's the move to pick sucker. Hates me fucking pack. And it's like oh no what happens to your by. What are we not that I can share through because I wanted to my man and then like a perfectly go bike? Let me just grab that bike. Affixing dusted off a little. But this is still a couple scratches on it. It's totally bet this on opponent dot the Ot always. I gotTa do fixed a bike. I sell it. I make it a little little little dog in a back packet. You just need a few new change a lot of change so for whatever reason like he brings me gives them the bike and it's like Oh wow thank you all thanks. Tonight's guy. He caught him biaggi which is kind of a joke in the movie. Like eventually learn that. It's it's kind of a joke. Actually me Augie. Broken Chain Ellis Island when.

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