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Erectile dysfunction or low testosterone symptoms. Without the help of someone. Male medical go to summon male medical dot com Deter Nan Katie Aaron is mostly sunny skies today with a high of 76 Tonight Clear the low 49 right now in Phoenix. Sunny skies 47 degrees Whether is brought to you. By Howard Air. I'm Jeff Mon on Arizona's news station K T A R news. Mike Broom head show Katie a. Our news 92 3 FM. Hey, thanks again for being here. Appreciate it is the mic Broom Head show happy Monday. We're going to talk more about this story about the challenge coins and we were just talking about this. If you're just joining us in the city of Phoenix, we're gonna do it at 9 30, Former DPS director, Former Mesa police chief Frank most Ed will join us. From a leadership position dealing with the situation that a new story creates this buzz. And what do you do or not do about it? You've got people in the city south of Cco, very upset that all of this is being made such a big deal that the chief is kind of caving into this pressure of the media. At the same time. There is a very, very precarious relationship between policing in the community and his thing. Like a story like this can do some damage and trying to get some, you know, doing some damage control here. If there is any to be done, so we'll talk more about that. If you're interested in the story at 9 30 this morning, um the president, the United States. Joe Biden and Vice President Camilla Harris will be touring the state Farm Stadium vaccination site today. Virtually I don't know how that is a big news story, but it is so the president and vice president are going to do a state farm stadium zoom call. Which I'm glad they are. I would think that everybody in the country would look at this and say we should be doing this everywhere. They did get it right When it was time to be critical of Arizona, I was critical like everyone else. What? I was critical of the things that I thought We're short comings or where they were falling short of what the standard most of it had to do with communication. But when you get something right, they deserve to get justice. Much credit. And in this case, State Farm Stadium has turned into a very, very good thing. For what we know. Phoenix Municipal Stadium will is well what they're doing it the pod sites for the county. It seems like they're starting to get things switched around. The short comings air happening with the website. Mesa resident Don revel or reveal Is 85 years old has is a condition that causes frequent breathing issues. His partner who was 84 has diabetes. If either where to catch covert 19. They fear they wouldn't make it. Their elder will receive vaccines. They don't have the Internet. So he hides it home and waits. For the state to come up with something else or death, whichever comes first. Now in one B and this is this is such an extreme case. Understanding that there are people and I'm not. This is going to sound like an ageist statement. I'm starting to fit into the older demographic as we speak. And I understand there are generational differences. Um, I know this is a silly analogy. But when they did that halftime show yesterday, um on for the Super Bowl, Yes, Yes. Yes, it did look like they Were wearing those on their face. Yes, that's what it looked like to me, too. Um, but I only knew one song that guy had ever done. I heard him do last night one. And the other part of the story was. There is a backstory to why it looked like those dancers wearing bandages on their face, which I had no clue about until Steve, who always reminds me that he's at least one generation younger than May. Knew this Do the back story. So there is a generational Gap in a lot of things, right? I could see how a lot of people would not know the weekend. Well, very well. The whats and I know this is going to sound like a stupid joke. Be care. They all were wearing bandages on their face. But that song I can't feel my face. I know that song. It reminds me of Vegas because when you go to Vegas, you here in every club you go in. Yeah, and he references Vegas a lot. Yes, songs. Yeah. So that's the only song that he did that I knew I ever even heard before. You didn't You didn't recognize blinding lights. The one he ended on? Nope. Blinded by the lights? Nope. Okay? Now I was in all the commercials, but I don't know. I don't know why I didn't associated with him and I don't know the song. My point is, we understand that there are generational gaps in things. And it's supposed to be that way. If you're 53 like I am, and you're trying to fit in with the 20 something people with your haircut in the clothes you're wearing. Stop it. I mean, you're making up your You're embarrassing yourself. I'm just trying to help. But In this case, we understand that the most critical group of people to get vaccinated after those frontline health care workers were the first responders in clan teachers. And The people in the over 65/75 age group because they are the most susceptible to getting serious illness or dying from covert 19. The Internet was an issue. The website was very clumsy and cumbersome at the very beginning, But this is a unique case where they don't even have the Internet. So the only way they can have this is through a hot line. I don't know what could have or should have been done to notify them how they could get the vaccine. We were talking now, about what I think is a great idea off getting mobile units in the city of Phoenix and other places to go into communities where travel is an issue. Kind of taking the vaccine to them. This seems like a situation where that might work because a lot of people in this age demographic with serious illnesses like this man has Would be in a long term care facility or be somewhere where they were bringing the vaccine to them. But there's no doubt that there have been issues not so much with the delivery of the vaccine, but getting appointments and using the website and it seems like they're working on curing that problem. And I'm hoping that we're all hoping that that happened sooner rather than later because we all understand how important it is getting this demographic vaccinated. In a moment, we're going to be joined by, Of course, Cato's in the big Q poll question of the day and then just after nine o'clock I agree with Chicago Teachers union on something and the vice president is coming around on opening schools. It's a huge story. I'm gonna talk about it in just a moment, You know, trades and wealth has been here in the Valley. Serving the Valley is a local company for a long time and stealing a line from Jeff Junior from trade and wealth, talking about the people that work for him and work it trading wealth. They are fiduciaries. They are bound by law.

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