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At Hollywood Casino Charles Town races is regulated by the West Virginia lottery able too much about 147 103 Confidential health must be 21. News. I'm Derek Dennis of fatal mistake by the U. S military admitting to launching a drone strike that killed seven innocent Children and three innocent adults, including an American aid worker. US drones followed a car they thought had linked up with Isis K when the driver loaded the vehicle with what they thought were explosives. Hellfire missile was launched days later, the chairman of the joint Chiefs supporting the strike, We had very good intelligence. That Isis K was preparing a specific type vehicle had a specific type location. I know it's a righteous strike, but the driver of the car was an aid worker loading water canisters into the car with his colleagues, not explosives. Martha Raddatz, the U. S. Capitol. Police say the department is ready for Saturday's planned rally related to the January six capital riot. They're expecting at least 700 demonstrators at the Justice for January. 6th rally protesting Treatment of those arrested some unusual security If they decide they want to, uh You know, Attack law enforcement will be ready for those kinds of violence. Capitol police chief Tom Mangers, saying they're more concerned about counterdemonstrators fighting with those who think the jail should free those arrested on January six. Andy Field, ABC NEWS Washington Where is Daddy demands for answers outside of Florida home over the disappearance of a 20 year old woman from New York? Gabby Petito. She was last seen in

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