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Envy Angela yee Charlamagne the god we are the breakfast club dash out to Dr Emmanuel for joining us this morning yes thank you to Dr Ezekiel Emanuel I mean listen man the corona virus is is changing every day is new information coming up coming out about it every day and I just think people need to be updated every day all on on all the new changes that's happening with the coronavirus I just don't I just is bugged me I'm out of all people to say they really don't know and that's why I like god like Dr Ezekiel Emanuel because he was like everything is always changing my people are giving people say things like I said oh well you know you're saying the buyer can go thirteen feet no virus can go thirteen feet it said no virus right it brings the Volvo would dial is the new virus is something you've never seen before so I don't think anything should be dismissed when it comes in all right and also shout to my brother Matt for check in and met the mortgage guy he's got so many people mortgages he works for a bank and he was able to break down things that you should be looking for in doing when it comes to your mortgage refinancing what you should be looking for a different loans to shout to him for joining us this morning as well now selling yes Sir you got a positive note yes man I want to tell everybody out there you can't live a positive life with a negative mind I want you to sit back and think about this think about making your life a masterpiece okay imagine no limitations on what you can be have or do on.

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