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Incredible and i really thought that indycar for sure formula one would come look at what we did because if that's what they're really worried about is is completely seal everything off from an income in the cockpit you can't find a better system than what we have in those canopies if not a canopy that enclose the cockpit like atop fuel rail indycar in f one could use lease the see through material that does not to start for a higher windscreen to be a lot lighter and i think a lot more eye appealing as well and stop all the whining nascar cup after the tire tested charlotte on the road course they've got their now both kyle busch and trevor bayne have concerns offering suggestions to track brass bush called a couple of corners if the are also concerned about the front stretch chicane added a turn for the show charlotte ovallis gained cuts to a grassy area then comes back up onto the straightaway near the start finish line but if you get in trouble there you have perhaps a direct head on impact into the wall and that ain't good bush and bain reckon they'll have to make some changes indycar easter time off heading into phoenix team rosters are filling goes we get closer to the one hundred second running of the indianapolis five hundred may schmidt peterson motorsport bringing back englishman j howard to tell her the number one number seven that should be one cure delara honda to make an squandered of four for the brickyard howard joins candidates james hinchcliffe and robert wickens along with jack harvey he's a co entry with mike shank racing this'll be howard's fourth attempt to qualify for the indianapolis five hundred one cure by the way is a program at the flint animal cancer center at colorado state university's on college department to fight cancer in animals coming up canada's james hinchcliffe indycar boss mark miles at nbc head john miller on their new blockbuster tv deal that kicks in for next year the continental tire sports car report is brought to you by continental tire for what you do so got.

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