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A plan to repeal the obamacare individual mandate democrats like ron wyden in claire mccaskill are furious and during tuesday's senate finance committee markup let republicans know this read defines the scope of this markup new we didn't know anything about this and that's why in his saw important that we get the time to address the people this is gonna hit our middle class people fittest instantly this whole deal was supposed to be about healthy but republicans like senator pat toomey from pennsylvania shot back saying the individual mandate is based on a flawed premise that the federal government should force americans to buy overpriced health insurance even if they don't want to adam shapiro fox news and other students fraternity gas and a college greek life suspension this time in tech said the president of texas state university says she's deeply saddened by the death of a fraternity pledge and is suspending all fraternity and sorority chapter activities pending a review of the entire greek life system on campus 20yearold sophomore matt ellis found unresponsive at in offcampus apartment monday morning and died a short time later denied newspaper says ellis was initiated into fi cap aside the night before police suspect alcohol was involved the case sadly reminiscent of what happened last week at florida state university and follows greek life suspensions there at penn state and lsu therese crowley fox's actors rose mcgowan who has been leading voice against sexual harassment as surrendered to police in suburban washington other drunk charge stemming from an incident where personal items of hers when left on a flight that landed at washington's dulles airport mcgowan's charged with possession of a controlled substance she was released on five thousand dollars bond lee sylla sarah fox news radio channel three warning weather from the talk of connecticut partly cloudy tonight lows in the twenty th partly sunny for wednesday highs in the upper 40s rain and wet snow.

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