Stefanie Dolson Reflects on Gold Medal Victory

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Have the one and only big mama steph on this show and we could not be more excited to talk to this. Olympic gold medalist steph. Thanks for joining us on the show. Thank you thank you for having me. I'm excited yeah absolutely we've been. We've been looking forward to this interview and really excited about obviously so much going on in your life in your basketball career as of late. Let's just hop right in. I'm so curious. This is my first time speaking to someone like post gold medal. Like this is this is so this is like a really cool. I mean you've won the thing. And i'm just talking to you and i'm really excited about this. But what was that experience like when you realize the moment that you were going to be coming home with the gold medal to rep representing the united states. What what was that like for you. In that moment it was a surreal. I mean there wasn't. There's a lot of words to describe it. But i mean it was just that moment of the four of us standing at the podium and you know getting the gold medal and putting around my teammates and then when we saw the flag off it was just like you know you just get goosebumps and and you're just thinking like this really happened like we did it because it was so hard. I don't think you know our our coach carrot kept telling us like. I don't think you understand how hard it is to win a gold medal. We're like man like you know we'll see but it was hard so i think it was just that feeling of of just so much joy that we did it and that we achieved our

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