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I mean i saw my job a gourmet. I was still a mother. I was still a wife. I still had a world. But i i had to go see shrink to sort of get myself straight again. Hey bomb squad. You're listening to radio cherry bomb. I'm your guest. V spear the host of under the desk news on tick-tock filling in for host carry diamond. Who's on vacation. We're coming to you from the newsstand studios at rockefeller center in the heart of new york city. Today's guest is sara moulton. Sarah is the star of the public television show. Sarah's weeknight meals co host of a weekly radio segment on milk street radio and author of the cookbook. Home cooking one. A one and since yesterday was julia child's birthday will also chat about the culinary icon. And the upcoming documentary about julia did you. Sarah worked as julius assistant back in the day she dead. We'll hear all about it when we welcome sarah back to radio cherry bomb in just a minute first. We like to think our sponsor free people who doesn't love free people so chill so stylish. Don't miss the cherry bomb free people summer. Supper club collab- featuring food stylist marianna velazquez and chef.

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