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Hello and welcome to the data engineering. Podcast the show about modern data management. Have you ever had to develop ad hoc solutions for security privacy and compliance requirements. Are you spending too much of your engineering resources. On creating database views configuring database permissions and manually granting and revoking access to sensitive data. Satori has built the first data ops platform that streamlines data access and security so tories. Data cops automates data access controls permissions and masking for all major data platforms such as snowflake redshift and sequel server and even delegates data access management to business users. Helping you move your organization from defaults data access to need to know access to data engineering. Podcast dot com slash satori. That's sat r. Today and get a five thousand dollar credit for your next satori subscription when you're ready to build your next pipeline and wanted test out the project you hear about on the show you need somewhere to deploy it so check out. Our friends over at lynn owed for their managed kuban attis platform. It's now even easier to deploy and scale your workflows or try out. The latest helm charts from tools like pulsar package herrmann dragster with simple pricing fast. Networking object storage and worldwide data centers. You got everything you need to run a bulletproof data platform. Good data engineering. Podcast dot com slash leno. Today that's l. i n. Od and get a one hundred dollars. Credit to try out of kuban eddie's cluster of your own and don't forget to thank them for their continued support of this show. Your host is tobias macy and today i'm interviewing vikrant do bay about q. Book into their q. Lake project for building pipelines for your data lake house entirely and sequel so the crowd. Can you start introducing yourself. My name is club. I hit engineering at kill book. Kill the business analogy startup. And i'm very excited to be here. And do you remember how you first got. Involved in data management.

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