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Be healthy jimmy buckets. You got the ankle in tallahassee. Herro at dunkin haven't really took that lead that i expected to take this year. Be as what they did. Last year in a bubble He did lose a few did lose a couple of players jae crowder and Dare jones junior but For the most part you know they just need to get buckets. Healthy the nuggets. I don't know what's going on with the nuggets. I mean they did lose some players. But michael porter jr. was supposed to fill that void in. He's hurt for the most part. He was score. Wise maybe not defensive. Wild jimmy grant is definitely doing his thing over there to pistons put up some nice points So yeah man What's going on with the nuggets. I really don't know man. I guess is this. What are those years where you know like. It's almost like a super bowl hangover but the western conference final hangover. Like you know kind of like the forty niners went to the super bowl last year. Doing nothing this year you know and yet light. Instead they lost a few players is low turnover for detainment out too much. You know what. i'm saying. What the nuggets should be that with attic saying. I don't know what's going on. It's the they're like a pathetic. The raptors look pathetic. Both of those teams good last year in the nowhere Wizards unexpect- expected to actually make the playoffs. Will russell westbrook but man was going on. t. wolves t. Wolves just got the no more pick. Nexgen in the t. Wolves might be picking number one next year. They're like the worst. The knicks looking better than him right. Now they're the worst t was definitely the worst franchise in basketball right now. I mean i don't know what to say. I don't know why they thought that currency towns Russell was supposed to be some difference. Makers in the west in deangelis russell russell was a star in the east but he's he's mediocre into west you know and didn't wanna pick any even started starting so if you if you wasn't even gonna start anthony. Edwards is the number one pick. I mean you might as well just drafted lamelo ball as clearly the better player right now..

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