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With bukhari sellers don lemon krikorian for prodi bank brotherly and thank you for that than honored to really grown man embarrassed proud i look up to you now thank you brother listen i'm going to start with our president who has targeted you and as a tech acts against cnn you've been in business now for almost thirty years what's it like covering an administration that is fundamentally dishonest well when people favors we've never seen anything like it we've never seen anything like it this is unprecedented and hurry the troop withdrawal akg reigning a mixture of get ready to deal with it every single day think people really are confused about what the truth is so it is with car resellers viewpoint subscribe at apple podcast google play on the westwood one podcast network westwood one presents the michael mols shown people have this idea of operations are high worth individuals are going in their backyard and burying money it's in the economy is creating capital and its spurring growth don't ask the left to give you too many points on economics all they do is they buy that he could even look at no communist manifesto capital and they don't read it as put it on their shelton virtue signal the michael mols show at apple podcast and guti play this is the bob clarke show who's over at the top and bottom of iaea right here on new mexico's news and talk later news radio kkob.

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