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The national security council's been pushed out of his White House job as Caitlyn Collins reports lieutenant colonel Alexander Veneman was ousted after complaints from president trump over his testimony in the house impeachment probe the present is continue to complain about them and ever since he testified saying that that call that he was also one on July twenty fifth was inappropriate that it undermined national security the present is not only mocked what he said he mocked him for wearing his uniform to come and testify they are on Capitol Hill the Iowa Democratic Party has been trying to fix the damage from the problems with the Iowa caucuses with some suggesting this could lead to the end of the traditional role Iowa plays every four years at a press conference today party chairman Troy price said it wouldn't be fair to penalize islands for his party's mistake this thousands of people who showed up across the state who had spent the last thirteen months going through this job interview process for these presidential candidates I would Democrats it showed up on Monday night they had these meetings and they produce a result yes it took longer than what we would have liked to have seen but the presidential care but I once did came out on Monday night and made sure that they have their voice heard in this process here at home the Davidson county sheriff's office says it will have to replace every lock at nationals new downtown detention center that's eighteen hundred oxen because of this the opening will be delayed it was supposed to open later this month now that's been moved to April share of Darren hall says it had to be done after Alex Friedmann slipped into the new center posing as a construction worker installed to access keys from the control room this access the keys of never been recovered always calling it the most significant security breach in national history finally DCS says the group that operates youth detention centers in the state it will no longer be able to operate scum February twenty ninth true core behavioral services runs for facilities in Tennessee three of those right here in Davidson county true core has a long history of problems at their facilities across the state several problems that have led to teens escaping custody that is the latest news brought to you by efficient HVAC traffic and weather next super when running a business H. R. issues can kill you wrongful termination suit minimum wage requirements labor regulations and HR manager salaries are not too cheap there seventy thousand dollars a year I'm Alan Jones founder and CEO of.

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