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We're back here on one bills live Chris Brown, joined by Maddie Lab who's capably filling in for one Steve Tasker, who will be back tomorrow after participating in the Jim Kelly golf tournament today. Which was rescheduled from June dudes who the pandemic We do want to get back to the tweet sheet. Where where you're asking you for your biggest takeaways from Saturday's game, and Brad says, My biggest takeaway from the game against the Bears would be. I can't wait to see the damage our starters can bring in week one. That game. Got me excited so Where did you come down on that matter because As excited as the performance would naturally make all of us about the depth of this roster. Still, to a large degree have not even seen the starters in action. Really? So I think Lot of us are going Based on what we saw last year at the start of the season, where there was no pre season and they got off to a flying start, particularly on offense. Are we safe to assume that again? I think we are right. I think we're safe to assume that because I think of our backups or our second half of the roster is playing this. Well. I think it's fair to say Well, the if these guys are bawling out, just just wait till we get to see the starters in action Week one. So that's I am right in the same line as Brad because that that was another takeaway. For me. It was We have depth, but I'm even more excited to see what our guys from last year are going to put on display when they play the Steelers at home on September 12th. Yeah, I mean, logic says If you have your 2nd and 3rd stringers. With airtight execution like this. That means that The starting group, which obviously is even more talented, because that's why they're the starters. They're going to execute at just as high level, if not better, so I think it's an indication of You should tip your hat to this coaching staff and the way that they have rounded this roster in its entirety into form. It's not like there and we even saw it in this game. I mean, when the Bears third stringers came in, it was a drop off from where it was at the beginning of the game, which wasn't all that impressive to begin with. Um And with the bills. You don't really see that there is not this dramatic drop off from second to third string or first to second string and I think that speaks to The job that this coaching staff does to get everybody ready to play its not like. Hey, look our priority here. I mean, I know it's training camp and we got to evaluate, but We've got to get our starters ready for the regular season. That's job one. And you know if we happen to get around to, you know, getting you guys and making you better players. Well, then so be it. But if not, you know you're out of luck. There are some coaching staffs that do that. They focus solely on getting their starters ready to play for the regular season and everybody else kind of falls by the wayside, and they're left to their own devices. That's not how it's run. Here. They get the roster top to bottom ready and I think Their performance on Saturday was a very strong indication of that, so I tip my hat to the coaching staff. You move on to a number six. I guess we're out from Tiffany. She says Brian Devil would be a head coach sooner than later. He's done more through whiskey in a short period of time, then coach Nagy was able to accomplish in years. It's a testament to the quality of coaching that we have at all three phases compared to other organizations. Tiffany, You're right. Brian. Day Ball is going to be a head coach one day, and so will Leslie Frazier think it's one of the more unfortunate things that we're realizing, and, uh And we're lucky to have him a part of the coaching staff this year honestly, and I think a lot of us feel that way. I mean, day Ball, and Fraser both got head coaching interviews. For whatever reason, they did not get those jobs. I would have hired them on the spot because I know what they can bring to the table and I know who they are as people as well as coaches from what we've seen. During their time with the Buffalo Bills. But, yeah, this guy can scheme of really great offense for Josh Allen and make Mitch Travis Key look like a different quarterback in different ways against his former team. He's a pretty dang good offensive coordinator who is going to find a home as a head coach sooner than later. Yeah, and You know, I think we all know that the bills are playing with house money here. I mean, just by virtue of the fact that you've got all your coordinators back. This is the third season for Heath Farwell, let alone the fifth season for Fraser in the fourth for a table in the McDermott regime. So The continuity is uncommon. I think there's only five other teams. That have the same head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, special teams coordinator and starting quarterback that are the same just from last year. The bills have had the same for the last. I think it's three years so going on counting this year with Heath Farwell so They're fortunate, and I think everybody knows how fortunate the bills are to have those two coordinators back and I think day ball. Was already a proven play caller. But he's largely credited with what he's helped Josh Allen develop into over a number of years, three years. But what he has been able to do with Mitch Travis Key in a matter of months and then put on display as we heard Greg Cosell just say in the last segment, Manny. He did a great.

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