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23 on WTO P a child who was hit by a car and Prince William county earlier this month has died. The 8 year old girl is nothing identified publicly because of her age by authorities, but investigators say the child was sitting in the road on nutmeg court in woodbridge, April 10th when she was struck by a car, traveling at a slow speed. The child was struck beneath the vehicle until a fire rescue crews arrived, she died yesterday at a hospital from those injuries. The Prince William county police and the Commonwealth attorney's office, the driver of that car, will not face charges. For those tired of helicopter noise in Northern Virginia, the FAA says it's heard your complaint and it's making some changes. Now please report that the FA has listened to residents, analyze the data. Virginia congressman Don buyer says that data came from a relatively new system that allows people to file complaints about specific helicopter noise by filling out a form online or by calling a phone number. Pete herding with the FAA says that system is leading to changes. Key among these improvements are increased flight altitudes for many of the helicopter routes in the area. And he says helicopter pilots will also be told to alter their flight paths to reduce the impact of noise, meaning Wes helicopter noise for area residents. Nick I know, WTO P news. If you'd like to file the complaint about helicopter noise, we've got a link for you too to do that it's a WTO P dot com that shows you exactly how you can do that. Sports a 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Let's go to the sports desk with Brian Albin. It sounds like we're waiting out the weather down on south capital street. That's right, Dana, the tarp is still out on the field at nationals park, no word on when or if today's game, the series finale against the Pittsburgh pirates might be played if it does start up Josiah gray expected to take the mound for Washington as the Nats look to avoid a series sweep. They're playing in Detroit in the Orioles looking to keep up their winning ways a two zero lead right now in the top of the third inning for the Orioles in RBI single in the second inning for Ryan o'hearn followed by a third inning RBI double for Ryan mount castle has the Baltimore Orioles right now up to nothing with Kyle Brady on the mound. He's struck out three through two innings. NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals, game one between the Knicks and the heat early in the third quarter. It's the Knicks with a 61 to 53 lead coming up later this afternoon. The kings host the warriors in a deciding game 7 of that first round series, the warriors have not lost a first round series since 2014 when they lost to the clippers. Double header in the NHL tonight, it's 6 o'clock. It's Boston and Florida in a winner take all game 7, another game 7 from Denver. It's the defending champion avalanche in kraken at 8 30. I'm Brian Albin WTO piece sports. Thanks, Brian, coming up after traffic and weather, the wet weather that's hitting our area is all over the east coast. We'll get details on what's going on down in Florida. It's a lot worse there. WTO to use time two 26

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