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Paul harvey were sports you said it ladies stay who gold bombs were the democrats have more confidence in the american medical system than republicans do when asked in the past republicans typically expressed more confidence in the american medical system at the gallup organization says after the most farreaching changes in the affordable care act took effect in two thousand fourteen democrat started overtaking gop respondents the most recent poll was conducted last month as congressional republicans continue their efforts to repeal and replace obamacare an average of forty one percent of democrats say they're confident in the medical system compared to thirty four percent of republicans i'm jan johnson each the first weekend wilbur drivers can tip uber writers that is contempt their drivers there or preset amounts of one two or five dollar tips or you can enter your own about the company says when the driver rates the customer they won't know they've received a tip prononcer was his tipping shouldn't affect the custom move rigging i'm christopher cruise imagine what it's like to be active your whole life and find out you're going blind that's what happened to me i have agerelated macular degeneration or indeed as a wife mother and grandmother my scientists precious to me winter relief when i found out that treatments for some forms of amd the animal research is underway on additional prevention and treatment and as the leading concert vision loss in people 55 in dover when i started seeing blurry spots in the middle of my i i saw.

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