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What up what up? That'd be Mondays. Your you off. Because Martin Luther King Day offering to say I'll tax me my issue working Pinkas Martin Luther King Day. He ain't even that's it yesterday. But you see my reply now Rebecca. But you're just not his mother Kim. They may decide tomorrow. I asked I saw SWAT team I only know what to say that those sometimes sometimes I I love you brother about it. good interviews. I see skill my questions but as I good understand. Why Hourly Handyman Chinaman. I just woke up I had to go in with up the truck this morning. Sargon back like Salmon Asleep woke up for the show so a little out of it. I just wrote my blunt let you know out of it I am so that sounds like that right now. Boomerang back in my bad Brian. A new push sorry another saying in but it's all good you hit the matter. I am We got that was boomer. And so we got Steve on the ring and Chicago to do as g pass the cross. Hey this again some back on noise. Nudity Juris legit warfare boring. Yeah Hey good morning. Yeah I I. I woke up a little league today to and I just caught part of the the job interview but I call a Williams good interviews. I have to go back and check with mccloskey said But you got me thinking about on dry. You know I don't buy this. Ain't nobody fade of Andreotti. You know these their fighters they'll fight like you said deals right. Don't fight them. I mean this is what they do. Ain't nobody run duck from nobody but what I think I think he's doing though Ah Bad Service Time Dry D. I think it's Eddie. Look what he's done for farmer. Look at the deal making for farmer. What why can't he make a deal for driving? You know But as far as you know look at Oh so I miss the message. Rob said that Eddie he said Hi. Me Is the mandatory. And you know of Eddie.

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