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How alcohol it is. I'm curious like how easy it is. And what's the what's the style hooks? Beautiful owned cars like black. Look at it. Oh It's beautiful. Oh Nice. It looks rich and creamy. That's coming out and Coombe all right. That's a little gross. It is so the style style to your here. Imperial Stout with milk sugars. Honey Vanilla and cacao. I'll give you. I'll give you weeks lag. Yeah okay so this week. We have a Sierra Nevada limited edition fortieth anniversary. I didn't the started in nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty s forty years ago like man feels like I feel so old but this is the what is it. It's a happy anniversary Ale. Hey happy anniversary. Nice Shoe Label. What is it a six percent? And I don't know let's see how this is clarice. Open up ten. Give while I'm poor and give us some tasting. Now what does it seventeen percenter of seventeen percenter? It's called nightmare nightmare. It is beautifully balanced weight. It's called nightmare. Oh my goodness yeah nightmare nightmare. So what do you mean beautifully balanced like you? Don't taste the booze in it. Yeah the boozer very well hidden chocolate. Like you said there's CA cow. It is like a beautiful dark chocolate. Oh my God. You're going to get in trouble with them. Definitely.

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