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This strip swamp thing Mr. personal reasons Bacar is is as important to me swamping. It's important to me. These are like cornerstones of my of of things, I love a things that like inform how I view pop culture in movies and TV so I I know it's it's a solo choice for me. But I really appreciate support. And I really really think it belongs here. So thanks guys. That's what I wanted to fight for anyone else. Looking at this list? Is there anything else that we feel like shouted out that she thinks should be on this list? I would like to shop out catch twenty two. I'm a big fan of George Clooney as a filmmaker. And even though he has had some MRs but good night and good luck is one of my favorite movies of all time him tackling catch twenty two I. Think is kind of a no brainer. Especially when you have a cash that is composed of Christopher Abbott. Kyle Chandler, George Clooney himself and Hugh Laurie. You know, this is I feel like I don't know. It's like, I it's an iconic story. It's yeah. I think that's really all it needs to be said, I think it's it's a Hulu series and Hulu has has really stepped up their game when it comes to their original content. And I think this is definitely one that we should be paying attention to if those no kitchen way too. It's it's a very famous antiwar novel in satire and its original wants based in World War Two was just still basically what what to Brad? Yes. It is. Okay. Yeah. I'm hesitant because George Clooney so hit me behind the camera. But I really this is in an in an incredible novel, and she does actually base in World War One because. Am I not right? Yeah. I think that was the case I'm looking at the old Google, but reduced Joseph Heller is one of the five. Literature. So it it is always been dumped into a movie before. But I think the movie like I never seen it all these ticky beloved. But yeah, I am forecast twenty tubing on this list. But what do you guys think we're the point now where I'm not like super passionate about anything that is on this list for so at this point. I just like my love for you guys is like anytime anybody excited about anything. I'm like, oh, yeah. I'm excited about that. Too. Puppy. See this this one. I'm more excited about the people involved than actual property meet maybe they can get me excited about this this story, but novel Heller is just like such a great phenomenal writer, but I do wonder how to translate to a TV series. All right. I'm gonna toss it into a twenty five. Okay. I don't put a one..

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