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He does this all the time. He signed up four times. Gyco Prius policy. That's my fifth one. Oh, nice that gyco. Love that guy. All right. So last week we were talking about home fees. We had that we had a nice guy. What was Michael Michael from America American humvee? I haven't be it does this suspension stuff. Very nice guy. Liked him a lot. I love that. He called in gave us a lot of good insight as to what to look for in the home. Wien kind of broke down the difference between the humvee and the H one and the H one is, you know, the GM version with a nice interior. And it's you know, it's the street truck in the home is very much the military version, so. You and your dad and your brother in law are looking for like a fun little off road vehicle. If you could call it that. That was Michael Hoffman, by the way. Thanks, chris. Yes, we got into a little bit last week talking about me and dad have always wanted to do a trip off roading trips somewhere out into whatever. And so then we started out looking at GPS. And then my brother-in-law was like, I think you know, know that these military humvees are getting released. There's some guys that are redoing it different companies that can be an option. So that's what sin assault onto the humvee trail was looking for something that could be reliable, and you know, we kind of build some memories around and go on these trips. Bill do enjoy each other brother-in-law Brett Brett walls retire baseball player. He is. Yeah. You played played in San Diego Padres. I. Yeah. Yeah. It's funny. What a nice guy. He's just the best dude. A little quiet start talking about weapons that is ready to talk. Doc. I remember I remember come over to your place. And you're like, hey the game..

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