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See it, it scrolls across each and every day. My advice has been to the team for weeks now that it's out of our control. That part is. But we've been in position to control our own destiny. And that's what we kept talking about the last four or 5 games is this is where you want to be to play meaningful games down the stretch where every game means something and certainly with the situation we're in every game. It felt like game 7 for quite some time and hopefully that's going to help us tomorrow night, but we're well aware of where we sit and where we stand and again the bottom line is we control, I think our final destination. Yeah, I think the better question to a coach is you can deal with it, but you can't tell your players not to pay attention because they are going to pay attention. Are they not? Yeah, for sure. I mean, what I've told them is don't get caught up in it. Don't be spending hours on it. We're human. I don't expect you not to notice it just like I said, but at the same time, you know, we need to focus on what's important and that's us and our preparation and our practice and obviously how we play the game. And, you know, I'm not around them 24/7, but the vibe that I get is there in a good place that way. So back to the back to the elephant in the arena here. Clearly tomorrow night's big, you win, but do you feel like there's a number or do you feel like, I mean, do you have any sense of where you really are versus where you're projected? The only people that really know are the people that are going to be in the room. Right. Right. I mean, that's the deal. There's tons of projections. There's tons of if you get into the nitty Gritty of percentages if you win one game or two games or zero games at this point in the season, I think that's just a

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