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City hall office of Taylor mayor, Rick so LARs a team of agents started the started the right around ten thirty this morning outside of Seoul. Ours home US attorney, Matthew Schneider confirmed federal agents were executing a search warrant a bureau spokeswoman confirmed that mayor solar house was being searched. And that no arrests were made. So LARs Forty-five was elected mayor of the downriver community in two thousand and thirteen following two terms on the city council and a private career as a partner of three Romulus base manufacturing companies mayor Solaar has not been charged with a crime Berkeley residents will have the opportunity to tell city leaders if they approve of retail marijuana locations in their town. Voters in Berkeley approve recreational marijuana in November. But city officials want to hear from residents themselves as whether they'd like to see businesses openly selling pot in their town. Long-term planning care. We need to have our decisions made locally prior to the state starting to issue licenses when in doubt go to the residents mad Baumgarten spoke to channel seven the meeting begins at six thirty at city hall. A preliminary examination scheduled for a Detroit man accused of attacking a school bus driver. Here's WJR's. Gene fogel. Trae nine year old Sean Clark has been charged with salt and robbery. Authorities say the sixty three year old bus driver was driving the bus with children inside at the time had Asbury park and diversity at about three thirty in the afternoon of January twenty fifth. He apparently drove to close to a car knocked side mirror off Clark. And another man then jumped on the bus beat up the driver, then fled on foot with this property that second man is still being shot. Gene, Fogel, WJR news. Roger stone might have his bail revoked after he posted a graphic on social media that has since been taken down. Bob Constantini, explains. That the unusually unspoken stone was trying to make the point of the judge in his criminal case was Hanson. Elected by special counsel, Robert Muller. There was a gag order in place, but that did not stop sometimes Trump political adviser Roger stone from posting an Instagram picture, featuring the judge in his pending criminal case with an image similar to a rifle cross hair behind her. So judge Amy Berman Jackson has ordered stone to appear Thursday to show why his bail should not be revoked stone has apologized for the posting which he says came from a conservative group showing the symbol. That is also used for places where large sheets of paper or photos can be cropped stone claims it's been misinterpreted. He faces seven counts of lying to congress and witness tampering. Bob Costantini, the White House. Justice Ruth, Bader Ginsburg is back at work. Corespondent, Jessica Schneider. Was there Justice Ginsburg back on the bench for the first time since early December? She actually missed oral arguments for the first time.

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