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Odal roy llc a company owned by real estate investor odell barnes based in south carolina you may have already heard of odell barnes in the barnes method many news publications call him the foreclosure king the king's company but torres his house in twenty sixteen for fourteen thousand dollars but earlier this year martin discovered it had sold to another company for almost eighty five thousand i don't know what that was an accounting thing i don't know now torres sends her rent to a third company none of these companies would provide someone for an interview and sometimes just tracking them down puts martin in a tricky spot it's her job to ensure the city's houses are up to code but she also knows that going after the landlord could get torres and her three kids evicted we find out enforcement we really do become social workers most of the time you know it just becomes a job full of a lot of human drama we stop in front of a small white house on a quiet street with a stroller parked in front a refrigerator blocks one of the living room windows martin says the house has forty code violations and supposed to be vacant but a woman is living there with several kids under a contract martin says is illegal this time the landlord was arrested but martin was back in that same tricky situation or he's not willing to make the repairs so my guess is that he's going to end up victim her the woman facing eviction is maureen seymour who answers the door holding her baby granddaughter i see more works to low wage restaurant jobs and she's on the hook for at least thirty thousand dollars in repairs and another eight thousand in unpaid property taxes i think i'm just going to work on them a little bit at a time and look for somewhere else to live and they just walk away and lose the twenty five thousand dollars she's invested these types of arrangements tend to victimize people who feel that they don't have any other choice and it's absolutely tragic martin or team have made progress fighting blight and south euclid and median home prices have risen more than fifty percent in the past six years but even a decade later south euclid littlest enforcer is still trying to dig out from the crisis she was brought on to contain in south euclid ohio i'm amy scott for marketplace you can find all of our divided decade coverage in one handy location it is marketplace dot org slash divided decade.

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