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Intel, HBO, Polaris discussed on PC Perspective Podcast

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The buckle all college okay so kyle a while ago talked about this last year he released the first information that he'd gotten that intel had set up shop in markham ontario that's yes correct yes and that they were co designing apart and so you were looking at that you do that they had been there for like a year before and if you go back year before they hadn't even been tape down so they were taking what looked to be a polaris part adding hbo to support making sure it worked with intel and i think the biggest part of all that is really going to be the power control of this part integrating with what intel wants to do so it can hit a pretty decent tdp but still have really good performance and so there was a lot of hands on stuff and it wouldn't make any sense to go ahead and do a vague architecture because that hadn't been even taped out yet it was still in the design phases but polaris was available so they took what they had and integrated that in and as far as i'm concerned they did a fantastic job working together to make this park and so yeah it it it's called vega and you would hope that would pay but the time line that they were working on this to make sure it worked as well as it did it kind of had to be polaris i guess i mean vega tipped out in two thousand sixteen.