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Four tours dot com of cumulus station, Another step looms toward Justice Bharat I'm Sanji and Grasso, Fox News. President. Trump Supreme Court nominee is expected to move closer to Senate confirmation today, the last Republican holdout on Supreme Court nominee Joe Jamie Cockney. Barrett will ultimately vote to confirm the president's pick. I have no doubt About judge barrettes, judicial temperament. I have no doubt about her capability to do the job and to do it well. Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski has opposed the process, leading to confirming Barrett before election Day, but says once the procedural objections fails, she won't hold that against the nominee. Maine Senator Susan Collins is the only Republican to indicate opposition to barrettes confirmation. Republicans hold a 53 47 majority in the Senate, making barrettes confirmation all but certain tomorrow night. Jared Halpern Fox News, California's largest utility, plans to cut power today to nearly one million people. To guard against its equipment, sparking new wildfires. Pacific Gas and Electric says the ologists would start in foreign Northern California with many of the shout outs concentrated in the San Francisco Bay area. A top aide to the vice president has covert 19 Mark short, the chief of staff to the vice president, Mike Pence, has tested positive for the Corona virus. Short says he will assist in the contact tracing process while in quarantine after consultation with the White House Medical unit. Chen says he will maintain his schedule in accordance with quote CDC guidelines for essential personnel. The vice president and Mrs Pence both tested negative for the virus Saturday. That's Fox's Anita Vogel. The Tampa Bay Rays battle back in the bottom of the ninth inning to tie the World Series. Two games apiece winning game for 87 Game five schedule tonight. America's listening to Fox News Now what's trending on W b a p and w dot com I'm Ken Jeffries from the W P A P 24 7 News desk. With more than a week to go until Election day, Dallas County has passed a half million mark of the number of ballots cast during early voting for the 2020 election. The number has met and past the total number of early voting ballots set in 2016. By the end of the day Friday, 563,148 people had voted early in person or by mail in Dallas County. The rest of North Texas has seen lots of owners line up to Tarrant County reported over 480,600 ballots Cast. Collin County counted just over 333,500 Devon County reported over 283,000. Early voting ends October 30th and Election Day is November. 3rd. Steve Coming W B A P. 24 7 News. A judge has ordered the criminal case against attorney General Can Paxton returned to his home county. An illegal victory for the Republican judge, Jason Long ruled that the securities fraud case should continue. In Collin County. The case had been moved to Houston. Paxton pled not guilty in 2015 in the case had been stalled for years over legal challenges, a lawyer for Paxton says. Defense looks forward to resolving the issue. A NASA astronaut has cast her vote from space. Sara Bartlett has the story. Kate Rubins cast her absentee ballot from the international space station. Important for everybody to vote, and if we can do it from space that I believe folks can do it from the ground to her secure ballot was put together by the Harris County clerk's office in Texas and uplinked by Mission Control. The county clerk confirmed the ballot was received and her votes were recorded. Congress made it legal to vote from the in 1997. Then. W p A P weather Mostly cloudy today with a high of 76 degrees Right now it's 52 degrees at the F W from the W B A P News desk..

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