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But danish stocks signed way nine new record not syrup has truman administration hand finds that the talking about the first one hundred days is going to be a second one hundred eighty here in freak out rather bridges over that and then there's the third one hundred days and poor tenants officials say the danish show each sixty look down in my hearings who was a wild iron performing cpr in this guy than actually finally met him as probably or the cools parts life being able to talk to a guy after i came cpr reid was just seventeen when he heard a cry for help thanks to his red cross training he didn't freeze he didn't panic he knew exactly what to do red cross training saves lives sign up for a class today red cross dot org this is key junilistan but danish oh this is this is left with me here hotel it makes me feel talking about going on the news gina use on it is their bones three note see limited government take care of yourself everybody else's life the governments of your life enjoy the fruits of your labour squirrel up you gotta deal with it for you to keep the big news of the de seriously but not much else here's your participation trophy the danish oh what we know now if you had a private citizen from the private sector not schooled up in politics walk into a russian i think i hope they would assume that that she would be on the inside i would assume speaking with anyone from that part of the world and i always have if they're on the inside and so we'll have to see where the intel committees investigation goes but i think it pales in comparison to the professional political machine of hillary clinton repeatedly meeting with ukraine people trying to dig up dirt on donald trump so this is representative runing now we wants to talk about that nobody wants to because it isn't it's not what about is and that's just showing you where was the left media on that that showing you the hypocrisy in bias second hour of the program at d lash on twitter officials lashawn facebook and this this one of the things that ah and i tweeted out by the way and i came i think keane's tweeted now one of the articles that actually was citing definition of.

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