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Do. I think it makes some sense there. But Kenny Payne would be. My guess as of today is Kenny Payne. A lot of people are going to push for Kenny Payne to get that job. And I think Kenny Payne was one. Well, this is what somebody in the industry told me is that it doesn't have a full-time president right now. It doesn't have a full time athletic director right now. And that could leave a void where former players alums have a big voice that can influence. And if that's the case, it could lead to Kenny Payne. Actually get in the job. I agree with you, by the way. I would take a serious look at steep Forbes as well. And I think Forbes is closer and I'm not speaking for anybody. I'm just strictly looking at the workforce a hard job. That's one, that's one that seems gettable to me. Kevin willer seems gettable to me. Kenny Payne obviously gettable. And I think in the infield maybe. I feel like Anfield's got more buzz from Maryland right now. Yes, from that area. I'm not saying that he's going to Maryland. He's the final. If Andy infield leaves, I see Marilyn more likely. Like Andy until like, you gotta, there's a lot that comes with the Louisville job. I say there's even more that comes with the Louisville job in the Maryland job. And I don't know if Andy Enfield it's like a really good fit for Louisville. But I don't know. By the way, USC lost, not that this matters whatsoever, but just as a note, USC lost at home and has actually was swept by Stanford this season. Didn't see that coming late night, West Coast result there, Trojans dropped one against. And hit field and Kevin willer both Owen wants this little job open. It's not good, actually seeing the husband kind of on a downturn there. That's all somebody tweet that at the game the other night when marquette was bombing them a fan yell. Take the Louisville job, Kevin. Which is like John Fanta was doing. That was really great. Which is mean. It circles back to that. That's me. Don't do that. Andy and Phil might not be gettable, but more gettable than say Mick cronin, who's also in Southern California because I made lots of reasons. But do you really leave UCLA? The year before Mario Bailey's mom shows up. Okay. I don't know if you do. It's something you gotta think about. She thick boy. She thick. Before we get to final four and one, just a couple of quick Thursday night notes I wanted to hit on because there were some WCC noise. Saint Mary's erased a 23 point deficit to beat San Francisco on the road. It's not good for the Dons. Johnson now dropped games at home against saint Mary's. The BYU was the other one. I think that's 6. 7 played Gonzaga yet. Not good. Todd golden's team thought to be an NCAA tournament team. They got to play BYU on the road upcoming, and they're going to need to steal probably one or two against BYU saint Mary. So great job on saint Mary's comeback, but that was I know you're sleeping. So I'm actually informing you as much as I might think. No, I'm aware of everything you're saying, but yes, I was sleeping. Okay, fair enough. Santa Clara, also in the WCC. Santa Clara won on a buzzer beater. A guy named Jalen Williams. Big time. Yeah, like 20 plus points in that game. There were 22 lead changes. 12 ties and the game was actually tied for 8 minutes and 25 seconds of game time. The lead was never larger than four points on either side. This qualifies is actually one of the best games of the season. The leads never more than four for either team, 22 times. It's the lead changed. That's phenomenal. Good on Santa Clara. That's a home win. BYU takes a loss there. Four bit WCC, maybe just in a little bit of peril. And oh, by the way, UAB won again. Dude named jelly walker. How much that name? Jelly, walker. Winning shot, closing seconds on CBS Sports Network. Andy Kennedy's team is 7 and one in conference USA 17 and four overall. And while it does have work to do if you may be can get to selection Sunday with only 5 losses and that's not an automatic bid, it's going to be an at large. If it's only 5 if it's 6, we'll have to wait and see UAB is actually lost too, the San Francisco Dons, but just a couple of off rate I wanted to give a little bit of mid major love and oh by the way, the Taos and Delaware game on Thursday got suspended because there were unsafe. The middle of the game. No, no, no, middle of the game they stopped. Towson, Delaware, suspended due to unsafe playing conditions. 1842 to go in the game, Delaware's up 38 29, they're going to resume it at a future date. So this is like a once every 5 years kind of thing where for whatever reason, a game gets going and then it has to stop in the middle. Maybe even more than that. Once every 7 to 8 to ten years, but keep your eyes peeled for that Towson Delaware resumption, blue hen's going to be holding his 38 29 lead literally for days if not weeks. So that's Thursdays to know, oh, by the way, for do one big set one..

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