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S. Senate, and despite a lot of debate and voting, a minimum wage hike will not be part of the coronavirus relief package. The Senate voted not to add a $15 an hour minimum wage as an amendment to the bill. The vote came after the Senate parliamentarian ruled it couldn't be included in the bill. $1.9 trillion measure is still being debated in the Senate. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders says he will keep fighting for a raise in the federal minimum wages poll after poll shows the American people understand We've got to raise the minimum wage to a living wage 15 bucks an hour and we're going to do that one way or the other. We are going to accomplish that goal that includes getting rid of the filibuster if needed. The FDA is giving the green light to the first at home Corona virus test Brian Shook has more. It's the same one used by the NBA last year, putting basketball players in a covert free bubble. The test doesn't require a prescription and provides results in 20 minutes. The FDA says it correctly diagnosed 96% of samples from those with symptoms. Or that 100,000 tests will be made daily by summer. I'm Brian shook New York City residents are now able to get the Johnson and Johnson covet vaccine. The Javits Center in Manhattan is offering the single dose shot starting at nine o'clock every night. Through six in the morning. The state run site will continue to vaccinate New Yorkers with the two does Fizer shot during the daylight hours, and the University of Kansas is placing head football coach Les Miles on administrative leave. On Friday. The school made the move as a result of reports of misconduct when Miles was the coach at Louisiana State University. In a statement, Kansas Athletic Director Jeff Long said the school will look into the matter to figure out what proper actions need to be taken. There are also reports ls you mismanaged complaints of sexual assault? That's the latest I'm Jim Forbes. West Virginia is allowing businesses including restaurants, bars and gyms to reopen at full capacity. On top of that, people can now gather in groups of 100 up from 75. The governor says the mask mandate remains. He admits he's not a fan of wearing one but says quote they've saved a lot of lives. The chance to be with Mickey and many and Disneyland is coming soon, the happiest place on Earth and all other California theme parks are getting the green light to reopen after being shut down for one year. A magical day is April 1st capacity will be limited to 15% and on Lee for those living in the state. It's very possible most of the nation could be immune to Corona virus By summer. Brian Shook explains that word from a new CNN analysis of federal data it projects herd immunity might even happen sooner. If vaccines continue at the current pace of two million shots a day, at least 70% of people will likely be fully protected by the end of July and 85% by mid September. That's the range experts say is needed to stop the spread. Warning. It's not time to relax yet I'm Brian shook and the reopening of outdoor entertainment venues and stadiums in California is happening just in time for baseball season. Sacramento River Cats general manager Chip Maxon says stadiums like center Health Park now have a chance to see fans in April a long time coming and we're so excited to be talking about the return of baseball in the return of fans and we can't wait. We're so excited Tonto welcome them with open arms still had a safe distance, of course. However, no indoor dining will be allowed. Instead, stadiums will shift to to go orders and seated ordering options. The Sacramento River Cats is a devil, a team that feeds into the major league San Francisco Giants. That's the very latest. I'm Jim Ford. Now this Bloomberg Sports Update Major League Baseball will honor one of the game's best with a permanent day on the league schedule. Lisa G. Reports the first ever Lou Garrigues Day will be held June 2nd throughout the league. It will include teams wearing a patch on their uniforms celebrating Garrick and a four a less logo, which commemorates his number four will be displayed around stadiums. In addition to honoring the Yankees legend, the MLB will also look to raise awareness and money to fight any less and will be commissioner Rob Manfred said. As he hopes Lou Gehrig Day advances efforts to end the disease not just with baseball players, but everyone has been affected. BCG, NBC News RADIO New YORK Preseason baseball in Tampa. The Yankees in Detroit Tigers finished in a 11 China to full nine inning game. Glaber Tourist homered for the loan Yankee run in the fourth inning. Two men go. Her mom, coming back from a domestic violence suspension, struck out for the scoreless to winning stint. It was her mom's first game since the suspension, which constantly entire 2020 season. The MBA in the midst of the All Star Game break the NBA All Star Game Sunday in Atlanta, the three local NHL team said Friday off all three will be back in action later today. Mark tablets. A member of the Miracle on Ice Olympic hockey team, who assisted on like a ritzy Onis game winning goal to be the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics, was found dead at a treatment facility in Minnesota. Pavlech was 63 also played five seasons for the Rangers in the NHL. The NFL, looking at a number of possible changes to overtime, including one that would be truly revolutionary. The Baltimore Ravens have proposed a spot and choose approach, with one team choosing the yard line where overtime would begin and the other team deciding to play offense or defense. The Ravens also proposed teams playing to fold seven minute and 32nd overtime period rather than a sudden death format. Another proposal would restore overtime to its original sudden death format. Well, the Bloomberg Sports Update. I'm.

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