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You know just hearing. That child injured in trying to find out what happened. You got pull these fair Iran duress. There's no there is no case where there is a parent that child would not be under duress in that situation but yet here come. Bcs with a contract for you to sign when you're not you can't beat mentally cognitive that of what it is just signing so guess what you did you sign it when they don't have a right to have you sign a contract without it being voluntarily done and so you you're saying you're going to do something to take away. Somebody's child of course they're GONNA sign it. Let me ask you something. What does this protective agreement stipulates and? Why can a almost make you sign this contract in this agreement without the vice of lawyer? So I'm because this is not a criminal investigation. The rules are. Kinda different when it comes to Miranda and that's that's part of seven angels the laws of we're putting forward to fight. This is that you should be Miranda's and you should be afforded attorney soon as you are approached by the Because it is in fact an interrogation at the moment that they come into contact with parents or anybody that is suspected of abuse. And the reason why this those are noticed a lot of time because you don't have that legal protection there. You don't have attorney dance to protect these parents to say. Hey we're not gonNA sign. You can't take the baby if we don't the law says that the signing of oppy a must be voluntarily and so the Eighteenth Tsa well. It was voluntarily. But it'd be like well you didn't tell me that. I had a choice but that that nine times out of ten never come of the washes never questioned as there is no recording of anything. There's nothing that you gotta sign. The says that this order is that this agreement is terribly you just have to agency saying where they signed it and every wheel when navid not true? You shouldn't have anybody standing any contracts at any time When you are presented you know somebody that's going to be interested. They're found out. The child is hurt the now under investigation. You've got the police year. You might be getting your child taken away from your your child. Put it up for adoption. That's too much stress. That'd be bringing somebody a contract the sign at that time alright. So CPS COM. They have this protective agreement. Your daughter signs protective agreement. What happens next? Okay so What's interesting I want to go to the happen next? Let me say within end this protective of Freeman though mine you bay. The dcfs worker had just came in contact with my in the in the baby's father and the protective agreement it had all ready stated what the EPS worker thought had happened. She claimed that this was that. The baby was injured as a result of domestic abuse. It was already written out. She already put in protective agreement. That a fast assessment was done in a fast assessment has to be done with the family. Ns series of questions. It's very narrow which will determine or help determine what kind of services the family may need in order to be reunited with with the child and so all of this stuff came already pre field out in the APP. Pa and so you know CPS supposed to do with their investigation. Well if you haven't had the time to investigation. How do you already know what happened? And you're talking about people I coming in contact with. Cps They don't even know what they're looking at In My my daughter was twenty four. The boyfriend is twenty two. They didn't even realized that that was what was in the IT. A until I came Dall- to look at all the documents and was able to decipher what was going on. Because I have a history of know how to deal with legal stuff. Which most people don't they signed off on something. That was completely false. Wow these are some devious people and we live in in the last days time family. There's a war is still black children and then then begin today. This war has been waged since we. I stepped off the slave ships in on the shores of Jamestown Virginia in Sixteen nineteen. What we gotta do is we're GonNa take a quick commercial break and we're gonNA come back and we're GONNA continue to talk to our sister but call raw while Leah Chabasse. So stay tuned. This is necessary blacklists podcast. And I'm your host Wahines Shabazz people. Call in then. We're not gonNA open up the phone lines this yet. We may open them up a little later on but south stay tuned family checkout and C. J. Losing Culture Journalism Dot Com hip hop global reach an all aspects of music culture and journalism and CJ is the premier destination for culture video editorial content around the country check out music culture journalism DOT COM log on to day. 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