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Go home line on the next radio app on ninety three WIBC HD one Indianapolis. He will defend himself. I'm Lisa lacerra, Fox News. President Trump's nominee for the supreme court will appear before the Senate Judiciary committee following an allegation of sexual misconduct from thirty five years ago by a woman who is now a college. Professor doubts officials saying the Brett Cavanaugh is willing to testify to clear his name that will be delayed till Monday, though, when we hear from both he and Dr Ford, we're told judge denies this happen, but denies he was even at the party where it allegedly happened. And it's telling people privately he thinks it may be mistaken identity. The bottom line is they were supposed to be a committee vote Thursday on the nomination that vote delayed because we're headed for much bigger collision Monday stored Mary public hearing, both the judge and his accuser Christine blazey Ford publicly testifying. She's a research psychologist in California who's alleged back in the eighties. She was physically and sexually assaulted by cavenaugh at a party in Maryland. Fox's at Henry. The State Department cutting back on the number of refugees allowed into the country next year from the current forty five thousand to thirty pounds issues refugee ceiling reflects, the substantial increase in the number of individuals seeking asylum in our country leading to a massive backlog about standing asylum cases and greater public expense. Secretary state, Mike Pompeo, Florence may be working its way up the east coast, but the Carolinas still feeling the effects of rivers overflowing, at least thirty one people have died. Twenty four in North Carolina concern is that this flood here could spread a mile and each direction if the river really makes a historic crest as many people are predicting thousands of homes here are under mandatory evacuation. Police have gone door to door knocking telling people when it gets real bad. We're not going to be able to rescue most of the people we've seen who live along the banks are not leaving. They're sandbagging their houses bringing their things up to higher ground. Steve Harrigan.

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