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Sullivan we are right gathered around with the everyday every day there's a little something something there and I I we talked I mean I need to I need to share with you so there's an old theory that if the host is tired of a topic the host moves on and yet at the same time every day the same topic the same subject about impeachment is that there's a fatigue that can set in some days are more interesting than others but every day there's always something and so the way I just want you to to Cher with you work the way I approach this whole thing because we're going to be in it for a while invite least through December but this impeachment stuff is I told you before I there's a there's a a sense of responsibility to keep you up to date I'll give you my observations on when something is happening from the latest go around a whatever's happening in the the Wall Street circuit The Washington DC circus Wall Street to but this is this is something that I people's I I think are feeling the fatigue is fine Philly but take I'm sure some of your feeling depicting goings or anything else out there and so what I but I want to do is I want to bring you up to date will start off if it if it is worthy of the first hour will start the first hour with it today it is worthy and then after that we're gonna try to move on to other topics and other things that are going on in the world we should pay attention to as well but it's not that I'm I'm always going to bring you the latest always give you my two cents on whatever's going on but it is going to be a bit of a marathon here at every day you cannot have some may go head exploding hair on fire news every single day but there are some people out there that are I guess thrive on I don't think most people do I think most of you were gone I don't need the chaos I'd like to know what's going on what's the latest but I don't need the chaos I got the I got enough chaos in my life so we start today what's the story that a lot of people are absolutely doing back flips over and that is the will soul blowers lawyer and the fact that his name is mark Zahed and he has been a critic of president trump for a long time for a long long time now he was hired to represent the whistle blower but at that which makes you wonder wait a minute how do these people find each other the big story is is that marks I eat has put out all these inflammatory tweets for years in fact it goes I'm sure goes back to before Donald Trump was elected but his original tweets were right out of the gate it is so I guess what I'm what I'm observing is people are are in seem to be in somewhat of a shock and I don't know why because in Washington DC this deep state or whatever you want to call them do you think that the people that work for the government the hundreds and thousands hundreds of thousands of people work for the government in Washington DC that they're all loyal to the president this president last president the next president I don't think they are I would I would I would I just a hunch I haven't looked up the the registration of of of Washington DC or the suburbs in Maryland and Virginia I would guess that it's our leans at least sixty forty Democrats maybe maybe more maybe seventy thirty Democrats it's a it the the the people work for the government in general doesn't matter whether it's from Washington DC or whether it's at your city hall or whether it's at your state legislature there are well that not no I know that the people that are elected you can go and count the nose is by days and ours but the people that work in the bowels of the government the agency people the bureaucrats they they started there when they were young and they're gonna retire there when they're old and they have their political beliefs enter and of course they don't all agree with the current governor or with the current mayor or with the current president or whatever government agency you're talking about so I I'm share with me why I should not B. R. running around in circles screaming the sky is falling because of the fact that this lawyer that represents the whistleblower is big lefty he doesn't like Donald Trump he's never like Donald Trump he was predicting the Donald Trump was going to meet an impeachment and so here he is representing the whistle blower yes it makes this whole thing looks like it was planned and could cried at scripted and it does appear that way they've been but this is the other part about it is there anybody that surprised that there haven't been people on the left that have been hoping and wishing and praying that Donald Trump would go away so I don't know there's a bunch here I can go through his tweet mark Zaid a esquire this was January thirtieth two thousand seventeen has started first of many steps hash tag rebellion hash tag impeachment will follow ultimately hash tag lawyers no so he goes on with that then he goes forty five years from now we might be recalling stories regarding the impeachment of the real Donald Trump I'll be old but will be worth the wait he wrote that in June of two thousand seventeen so he's been engine and brain and he's a Washington lawyer so he's he's he's he's tried to manipulate things to get it to where it makes it look like the wheel so blower was a was a scripted event put on by this marks I eat being the director what's this date January thirty two thousand seventeen hash tag has started as one falls to marble take their place rebellion impeachment so he's really but in Washington is a lot of people like that that are so wound up tight I mean you go to DC man those people in DC star you know for those of that live there wound up tight and hand it is tighter than a drum and that to so he explains made a statement he said those tweets were reflective and repeated the sentiments of millions of people I was referring to a completely lawful process of what president trump would likely faces result of stepping over the line and that particularly whatever would happen would come about as a result of lawyers comment referred to those working inside the administration who were already just a week into office standing up to him to enforce recognize rules of law so mark sorry he doesn't like drama he is your classic never Trumper he is resistance Aubrey tattooed on him somewhere but he's not alone and I I I he he's right he says doesn't repeat the sentiment to millions of people but I don't know why people but for those of you that support the president god bless you man but you gotta know that there's other people out there that really really don't like him there's more intense than in any other president that I remember I'm member a lot of people don't like Barack Obama but it wasn't like this this is an intensity and it also shows that this guy is one of those people that doesn't matter to him what the voters say doesn't matter he is still going to do whatever he's going to do to try to win his way come hell or high water that's just the way he is don't know the man but you can tell from his writing he was on a podcast last year he said I'm not a trump fan hello Kitty I go out of my way way on Twitter to say resistance it's not a resistance against the G. O. P. or Republican I don't think trump is a Republican quite frankly also on the podcast you acknowledge that he had been fishing for plaintiffs to launch a lawsuit concerning the trump hotel in Washington DC he said the unfair competition becomes when Donald Trump became president he has exploited his use of the presidency of the oval office to send business to the hotel we identified this as a cause of action and we were looking for a place to and we finally found one this restaurant that was willing yeah they found the guy at a restaurant many many miles away from from the hotel and said my business is being hurt by by drum hotel federal judge dismissed the lawsuit to go away so this guy is a zealot he he's been openly casting for somebody to do something so we could file a lawsuit in that and what he found was somebody that wanted to file a whistle blower complaint L. N. so all of that the whole thing about the whistle blower you can yell and scream this is invalid the guy was set up this was all a script it was a play it was planned it was not legitimate call it a hoax whatever you want to call it so you can yell about all of that but it still comes down to the facts and the facts are the facts and the facts are in the phone call they were waiting for Donald Trump to make a mistake and he in my humble opinion he did and they jumped on it they made a mountain out of a molehill my opinion and that's why I don't think this is ever really gonna go anywhere what's your reaction to this was a blower lawyer eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred.

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