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Fda ma eighteen years professional bulgarian player played university of north carolina. Big fisherman great follow on instagram. We got some We got some football news going on today. Yeah well before we get to this Why are you. I am ben. Lie to someone have been. Lyons when you sign up for twitter. We'll go with the scoop there. If if you're familiar with my work you know. I was misquoted. Once as saying that i am. Legend is one of the great movies of all time movie. Were you misquoted. Or at the time did you think that. Here's what happened. In new information came what happened. This is what happened. I am legend. Your mac jones. Right i am. Legend is my mac. Jones i I walked out of the screening. Email the publicists. At warner brothers. I was so hyped to love the movie. Oh my gosh. i am legend. One of the greatest movies ever made loved it here. My quotes to us. She took that which then became the quotes. How gosh so little misquoted. Little bit a little bit. When i saw it made fun of on community years later i realized that had taken on a life of its own. They're debating something one of the character says we'll ben line says. I am legend one of the great movies of all time. So good point taken on a life of its own. Let's see that's very funny. So i am ben lights. I admit that there you go. I'm chris brockman and mike. We have two phone calls. Let's get phone calls before you go to. Nfl eight four four two four rich. Ask for adam. Who do we have on kathy. Let's go on one kathy. what's happening. Cathy well. I wanted to call about the The steals dream game. I did watch it yesterday. with my dad's separate but together you know He was in florida so we can watch together. But even though it's i i enjoyed it. It was a gimmick. I don't think they went far. Enough with the gimmick because after the pre-game show it was just a regular baseball game and the only thing that really made a different that joe buck mentioned iowa every other sentence So i i was thinking about ways that other sports can improve upon that kind of idea and and like have the nba have an actual game at the fourth street courts and greenwich village. You know let's let's celebrate you know Settle the Josh allen patrick mahomes who throws farther debate like you guys said grand canyon who can throw a further into the canyon you know really embrace the surroundings And and things like that so they kathy. We appreciate the call. We appreciate you watching listening. And i hope there is a future for kathy in the world of sports because those are some great idea always bijlani position. Her i i would. I would pay big money to to see those guys. Football's over the grand canyon. We appreciate the call. Cathy sounds like better than a jake. Paul fight on twitter brit thriller. Whatever i think we should just go one step further. We should just have an actress getting pretend to choke on a hot dog. And let's have a guy like change. It'll change uniform. You know what i mean like. Let's just go all the way. We're going to reenact if you wanted to see. Field of dreams like play in the outfield. During the game acted out yeah inbetween inbetween ending changing sides. You have people come onto this in the stadium. You see kevin. Costner abbey hoffman i. She's probably not busy like You know wha- amy magazine and let's bring her back to like berate someone at a pta meeting. It could go all the way. Frank whaley could hit a triple come on. We got another call rich just back. Jeff went up a man. What's going on guys. Listen let me make two points and asked for you on the poll question. First of all then lying spits fire. I tell you. I really enjoyed. Upenn over the last couple of days. The camaraderie what. You guys is excellent. I wouldn't have never known that you didn't know these cats before. This whole thing man unbelievable man in my power to forget them as soon as shows gonna baugh dog brockman. Oh my god you should have been a lawyer your conviction. Do you believe something. I might not might not agree what you respect you. Let me know exactly how you feel about something. Do you said thirty seconds. The space and you just outweighs the exit at. I mean think about it spaces so expansive you'll be amongst a limited number of people out there. Could you imagine just doing some stupid. Like hoop knicks space. And just like you know. I put it in space when you look at the stars like you're part of that you know what i mean. It's just here do that. You'll never get again. You never going back. So i mean it'll be something to tell you. Kids know jeff twenty minutes a whole lot. Jeff i totally feel you. And i'm gonna walk up into space cool. I've been to space some on the list so after one second space. I'm on the list of spacewalkers right. And i don't know how long it takes you to get one out but i can get one out pretty quick and then boom i'm done and then when i come back down after thirty seconds like yellow. I was up there. And i did that. Let's go jeff. How we keep brockman entertained in space. We just bring a deck of cards and he'll be playing heads up blackjack looking at looking at the earth in lyon for eternity to quick also suicide on oh. He bought the coup jackson eighties attempts shoes. That used to just hit them with a bill strauss. They were super awesome super often. I the big dogs because they look comfortable. Jeff these are amazing. They jeff they also ran mike two hundred.

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