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Hundred hundred fifty grams of carbs or more day. Dude. You're gonna rebound game everything back. Yeah, you're gonna bore if you like me and his Margarita season, it's you're gonna get it all back. Yes. So to reverse somebody out of Kito diet like eventually the goal is to get back to if you're trying to grow. The goal is going to be to get back to where you're on a high carbohydrate diet because carbs are going to support training. Carbs are gonna prevent muscle protein breakdown. They're gonna spike insulin, Dr nutrients. If you're only allotted a certain amount of calories a day, you have to look at that and think, how can I maximize everything and it's gonna be with higher carbs. The goal is to get back to that. You can't just jump back into that after doing Akito Jiang dyke because you're just yeah, you're just going to blow up. So what I'll do it's like to reverse out of a show. If I do Akito diet, I show and I've done all of them carb cycling worked really good too. I just do. Like it. I just enjoy eating fast and tastes good, and I feel good. But if I reverse out of that, what I might do is I might just add a small amount of carbs around the workout perimeter and just slowly bring them back. So like I've might go from eating zero grams of carbs to eating eighty grams of carbs post workout. And then eventually I'll go to eating, you know, hundred fifty grams of carbs spread pre intro, POS than the outside meals will just have like proteins and veggies, or maybe tiny bit of fats, like just a little bit. And then you just, yeah, you gotta slowly taper backup out of that. Because if you're right, if you do Kito diet and you just try to throw your carbs back in, you don't need. You don't really need that many carbs because you're so sensitive to insulin. Like when I when I fill up for a show, the amount of carbs that I eat is so much lower than what I see a lot of people doing 'cause you just don't need them much. So you said right now you're eating six hundred grams of carbs because you're trying to grow, correct? Yeah, five, five fifty six hundred and neighborhood. But you also like. Kito show left your own devices. If you were not going to compete, would you keep carbs in your diet, like maybe three hundred a day or would you should go Kito same caloric amount? Would you go? Would you go Kito? Yeah. You could look at like health benefits of different diets. Like, you know, some nutrients are going to cause inflammation, stuff like that. Information guy always hear people talking about cars, you know, giving them inflammation and all this other stuff. I'm not that guy so I can't. I can't understand it. I'm not that guy either. So like if people are going to say, carbs caused inflammation, look, carbs, causing formation when you eat way too many of them. So if your calories are controlled. Yeah, I don't. I don't really buy that. This should be a lifestyle. So if you're gonna stay on it forever, just do what you enjoy doing. I enjoy eating a shit on carbs and then just lifting really heavy. So I'd probably stay with what I'm doing. I man work and people find you on Instagram, Facebook page, and website. And 'cause you do coaching and consulting and you make diets programs where people how people contact my Instagram is Brody underscore priestly. That's my personal one where I do dia plans, nutrition and coaching. I post a lot of really cool free shed on their to every like not every day, but I try to post training and just workouts and tips and exercises. My answer. Graham is where the majority of my training and my nutritional stuff is, and then that's Brody underscore priestly..

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