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Lawmakers as ABC's. Karen Travers joins me from the White House. The latest on negotiations over funding the government. Good morning. Karen? Yeah. The deadline is Friday night the end of the day. This was member a three week short-term spending measure just open the government up and give while makers time to negotiate. But now here we are with the clock ticking and the conversation appears to be a stalemate right now, they're at least a stalled from where there is optimism at the end of one week, and the main sticking point now isn't just the border wall and the funding the president wants, but a demand from Democrats about limiting the number of bed. The detention centers around the country as part of the law enforcement efforts on undocumented immigrants. There is still conversation. That'll be taking place day. This is not something that's completely off cable right now. But I think you know, everybody was founding pretty optimistic on Friday, and that was certainly scaled back by yesterday. Definitely some reason for concern. Still also over the weekend. Elizabeth Warren announced her presidential candidacy, which was expected on Saturday. President Trump wants again, mocking her native American heritage claims. Yeah. This is I think the pattern that will be from the president where as Democrats announced their campaigns or toyed with the idea of running and then hit the road aggressively to start campaigning the president's going to be reacting on Twitter. This is his preferred communication, and I think we will continue to see that he was certainly behind closed doors over the weekend didn't have any public events here at the White House, but paying attention, of course, even klobuchar of Minnesota and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts announcing and wing it on Twitter, speaking of behind closed doors, he's taking some heat for his schedule or maybe lack of same sixty percent of his days engaged to what is called executive time. And this is the president he jumped on this over the weekend because it was a story that came out last weekend. But perhaps he was watching something that was talking about these pieces, and he was upset about it. But the president was saying that they should have been been presented as the positive that he's focusing. He's not relaxing. He's having meetings. He's having conversations critics certainly jumped on the schedules that were published by axios last week that shows how much time the president is spending on what the White House calls executive time tweets, you can trace back and shows that he's watching television because he's tweeting about it. He's aiding people what they're saying on cable news and maiming them and naming the network. So this isn't just speculation about the what the president is doing given time. He's making it pretty clear through social media feed today at the president had alpaca Texas today for his first campaign style rally of twenty nineteen look for him to be talking about border security in the wall in this town, that's on the US Mexico border. Karen, thanks as always we'll talk soon day ABC's. Karen Travers at the White House senate's top Democrats. You can Bill that would hold China accountable for trafficking fennel into the US as we hear from ABC's Dave Packer with most of the supply of the deadly synthetic opioid feno coming from China's Senator Chuck Schumer introducing legislation that Rex the president to publicly identify foreign producers offense and impose tough sanctions on them. Just days before high level trade talks Schumer says China's promises are not enough. We can't be satisfied with handshakes group photos and empty words which often come out of the mouth of pride president Xi of China. We need these tough sanctions Schumer expecting the Bill will have bipartisan support, Dave Packer. ABC news, New York. Komo news time eleven twenty enter the propel insurance business update. Get ready to shell out a bit more for everyday products big brand companies that make everything from baking.

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