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The half of all the crops in the world today are fertilized by. Fertilizers created via the fiber process. With over one hundred million tonnes produced via this method every year. It's hard to stress. Just how important. The fiber process is literally. Our modern world couldn't exist and the lives of billions of people depend on it for taba was awarded the nobel prize in chemistry in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine for his work in this area. Despite the incredible benefits to humanity of the harbor process is nobel prize was controversial. That reason had to do with the other side of fritz harbor. If helping to feed the world was his best side than what he did. Next was his worst despite being born jewish. In what is today. Poland harbor very much identified as german. He converted from judaism to lutheranism primarily to help his academic career when world war one broke out. Harbor enthusiastically supported the german. 'cause he was one of ninety three academics who signed a document called the manifesto of the ninety three here are the first sentences of the manifesto quote as representatives of german science and art we hereby protests to the civilized world against the lies and calamities. A which are enemies are endeavouring to stain the honor of germany in her hard struggle for existence in a struggle that has been forced upon her. The iron mouth of events has proved the untruth of the fictitious german defeats consequently misrepresentation and colony are all the more eagerly at work as heralds of truth. We raise their voices against these claims. Unquote hubbard joined the army and was promoted to the rank of captain. He was then assigned to be the head of the chemistry section of the ministry of war. It was fritz. Harbor who almost singlehandedly was responsible for the use of chemical weapons in world war one. He didn't just take a passive role sitting behind a desk. Developing plans for new weapons. He took a quite active role at the second battle of abra on april. Twenty second nineteen fifteen harbor personally commanded the first use of chemical weapons in the war. The germans released one hundred seventy one. Tons of chlorine gas along a front six point five kilometers or four miles wide. It was called operation disinfectant when the windows right the germans opened up the valves on the tanks in a giant mist of greenish. Yellow chlorine gas moved across the battlefield as this had never been used in combat before the french soldiers on the other side didn't run. They didn't know what it was. The easily could have outrun the cloud on foot. If they knew it was about to happen when it reached the trench men began coughing as no one had gas masks. No one knew that they would be needed by the time. The allies retook the trenches that were filled with chlorine gas. They found perhaps the most horrific scene in the world's most horrific war the allies reported five thousand killed and fifteen thousand wounded from the german gas cloud. This battle was of course. Just the beginning of.

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