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Wait until Sunday for this sticky stuff, to snap he's hot and humid with a chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm tomorrow high Eighty-eight same deal for Saturday but the showers and, storms are. More likely tomorrow and. Then nice and clear and crisp air for Sunday sunny unless humid with high of eighty five. Degrees, seventy two right, now wildfire and Redding California shocked everybody yesterday with this explosive expansion and fast moving flames. The car fire moves so Swick swiftly that a private bulldozer operator hired to help fend off, flames was actually killed unfortunately three firefighters injured an unknown number of civilians were also injured with burns over two thousand residents near. Shasta they've had very little. Time to flee after being. Told to evacuate to get out of there at least. Fifteen structures are gone now and five more damaged as, the blaze marches towards a heavily populated area there in California C. a. r. car California, firefighters plan. On keeping the fire to the north of renting triple digit temperatures aren't helping making the battle of any blaze they're very very tough for the next. Few days in the meantime firefighters are slowly making some, progress in battling that, Ferguson fire. That's burning in the, steep terrain near the edge of Yosemite national park Cal fire says the blaze which started back on July, the thirteenth is charged over forty three thousand acres now and is twenty seven percent contained now that the semi valley in the areas there are, closed to. Visitors team of fire. Crews are working to set up a perimeter to protect the famous grove of giant sequoias there. And, the Cranston fire, believed to be the work of a suspected arsonist who's under arrest by the way there's. Only five percent contained at forty seven hundred acres being scorched there it's going to be a. Real somber weekend in Indianapolis that's understatement five members of an Indianapolis family that were killed in that Missouri duck boat tragedy being Laid to rest this weekend. The Coleman family including Angie max Butch Tony Ray Coleman will be honored at a Saturday service only two of, the eleven Coleman family members survived when that duck boat capsized and sank on table rock. Lake near Branson, Missouri last week yesterday to Arkansas victims, of the boat accident were laid. To rest fifteen-year-old Lance Smith and his father Fifty-three-year-old Stephen. Smith were. Honored in services in Arkansas a total of seventeen people died in that duck boat tragedy Yesterday was the formal deadline to reunite all families separated at the border who crossed here illegally FOX's Jessica Rosenthal vol says turns out hundreds of. Parents are not eligible Thursday, afternoon the government said they'd reunite all eligible families by yesterday many others though were. Ineligible just over seven hundred some because of criminal records but in most cases ice says parents. Opted not to take their kids with them one deported or they waved reunification the reason these parents are coming, here in. The first, place in pay. Smugglers five thousand six thousand ten thousand dollars to make that dangerous. Journey because, they want to, get their children. Here Matt, Albania is with ice but ACLU attorney legal earns. Has many parents didn't know they. Were signing a waiver there's gonna be a lot of work going forward the deported parents, to see what they want the ACLU wants to seven day waiting period for reunified families to decide if they wanna stay. And seek asylum Jessica Rosenthal Fox News six. Forty eight now attorney general Jeff Sessions is announced a new Immigration enforcement task force which has been dumped operation double trouble says the goal. Of the task force is to find a legal immigrants who are stealing the identities of US. Citizens and then claiming federal assistance this comes after Boston authorities arrested twenty-five undocumented immigrants and other individuals accused of, the fraudulent. Practice more, than half of. Those, arrested in Boston have criminal records including murder It's now six forty nine Michael Abernathy the attorney for stormy. Daniels he's been representing her and the effort to be freed from that one hundred and thirty. Thousand dollar harsh agreement that she signed just before the two thousand, sixteen election, over her alleged two thousand six sexual the counter with Donald. Trump well avenue Eddie said yesterday that he's now representing three other women who claim that. They were paid to shut up to keep quiet. Atty said that the women claimed that they were paid, hush money by a. m. i. entertainment they own National Enquirer by the way. Trump and his then attorney. Michael Cohen. And he didn't reveal what they were paid to keep quiet, but. He did say one of the women claims to have been, pregnant at the time so avenue Nettie has picked up, some new clients it's now. Six fifty NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM with traffic and weather on Potenza steamy out there from the courtesy Hyundai drive courtesy dot com traffic. Center John hamlet.

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