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That's the go to move in any movie. I think it's the finally use the weapons just a blunt instrument. So Bernie Casey basically says come with me if you WanNa, see your daughter Cornell's just like jog after. Yeah, he's like, okay I guess. That's what we're doing. Now I trust you implicitly. But when they get into the cave, he's kind of taken like A. It almost looked like he's been beaten up a little bit more as an he got smacked on the head. I it's already smacked on the head he got roughed up. Will he got shoulder check by that one guy? And then kind of twirled the ground. Bernie Casey knocks him off of that little thing that they were on. and. When he gets up, it's almost like the actor Cornell Wilde is trying to decide like. Hurt at any kind of settles on his arm he Kinda rubs his arm a little bit. I keep just felt like twelve feet on your back when Bernie throws him though he just cackled he standing up there those wings and just cackles. I throw you Pudi man. Yeah emotionally he's kind of all over the map. I would think that gargoyles would be more straight laced. Yeah. Bernie Casey sounds like a is like gargoyles professor something he's a professor of the Gargoyles Arts. Gargoyles. Studies. So he's got Diana and the matronly Gargo Pulls Cornell Wilde off, they're going to get their own room and I must say. Hannah doesn't seem to I mean she's like this is our first day. I'm not going to let you you know and they look like they've just been like smoking a joint had a couple of glasses of wine reading some books he he creeps down on her though it's kind of suspenseful. Yes. You'll wonder what he's GonNa do you gotta remember it's made for TV at imagine if this was rated r. that's the movie I WanNa Sing Director's cut the Snyder at a gargoyles. Yet. So that we get to see another one of these gargoyles which we saw snippets of the the eggs hatching and the very opening when they were doing the the exposition at the beginning. These baby gargoyles ugly I'm just going to say it. I'm saying right there. They are one of them comes out and kind of looks like the baby from dead alive and. Like ugly baby. Just got like. On it's faith Kinda slime on its face, but that's just the way I think about all kids. Let's just confirms it. Okay, so the matriarch comes to get. Coronel. Wild well, I. Think she said that she was going to take her to take him to her daughter his daughter God I came talk take him to his daughter but it Kinda seemed like she just wanted to get him alone to right exactly. That's what I thought was.

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