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To know like. Oh that's that's in. The KESSEL is recognizing their faces. And it's hard with cages. It is not a lot of them. Were the bubble at least one. Yeah it's probably the bubble people who may not know full plastic plastic face yield rather than the kate. Yeah et message I say in my experience like maybe twenty five percent of girls where the bubble as we call it Ama- who we work with. She played at Trinity. Also She she's fewer bubble and she she's always worn it. I prefer the cage but I don't know I've never the differences between the men's game in the girls in the women's game that's always bothered me is checking. I always wanted to have checking. I always wanted our game to exactly the same But but as far as I know cage I like having a cage I play men's league now and I'm the only girl and Song only one. That was a full cage pretty much and I still. I Dunno just seems so silly especially in men's league like these guys are wearing no shield. Would you be allowed to take the cage off if there's rafts or anything but yeah I just like you get you get to the face of money to pay dental and like I don't I don't want to mess this up. Yeah I mean I I agree at the beginning. It would have been cool to see their helmets often like at a little bit more personality. The game but I- every girl like some some almost everyone cage is learned to see through. I don't I can see now wearing glasses. Filtered up I felt the not that it's even anything close but when the put the nets up yeah whatever. Twenty years ago I was one of those people. They ruined my in two days later. The second issue and whatever this is total unique to the event but when they had all the players from both from all four divisions standing on the blue lines for the anthems and then they have the women out there. All the guys were in their teens. Jerseys he's so you had all of this color mall this pageantry all the fans in the stands you know wearing jerseys. They want and the women were in black and white. Yeah it wouldn't come up with. I was surprised by that. I thought they were GONNA go more. US Canada heavy a little bit. Or you know something. I liked jerseys. I just thought they were Nice. And clean and I liked the colors they used. Because I'm more of like a simple kind of person but I agree. There was there wasn't a lot of like it's different than the men's game in that they were representing their countries for that and they. We didn't really get to show that with the uniform. I I'm I mean it's tough because we all work for the kings right black and white forever but I'm really tired of black and white. The League events now got us so anyway but I wanNA thank you for joining us. Yeah this is great. I hopefully will talk. So that's the Nhl all-star break in the Ahl all-star break done move forward Lozad have been called to the Kings so we assume that Lozad Backing lineup sounds like drew. Doughty will not be in the lineup yet. He'll be out tomorrow for the game bomber bomber but hopefully he'll be back process matchup Against the years on a coyotes in the ducks on Saturday Any thoughts on spring. On you I apologize. Any thoughts on his quotes quotes the athletic. which ones you're talking about? At least the Delman had an interview with him where he expressed his disappointment. At how seasons. Yes Oh yes UH-HUH I mean. He's frustrated he signed a huge contract. He is such a competitive guy and he wants to win and I think last year it was like all right. We need it turns surround. Now we've got a new coach more putting all those things in place but it's not something that happens overnight and I think he's just kind of feeling that impatience of he wants to move back in Safa League and he is just now struggling and trying to lead this team You gotta be hard. There was an interview interview. May Not be the right word. But two years ago when Dustin Brown got up on stage at the state of the Union State of the franchise at event any talked about learning in his career to focus less on the outcome and more on the process and it it struck me as an incredibly mature realization and moment for him and I am hoping that we see the same realization structured out as drew. Doughty has in one of my all time. Favorite Kings Watch I you know. Somebody tweeted out that the Air Carlson got his six hundred 's career point and I was compelled point out that he's a minus forty six in his career in that comes exclusively from loving dowdy. I don't care about hair Carl's career other than the Berry. I have complete and totally rational adoration for the career of doughty and yet I am very I'm not comfortable Obviously last season was a disaster for everybody. This season seems to be a struggle for him from my perspective. Anyway as well and I've heard of excuses in arguments the supporting cast isn't isn't there and it's a new system etcetera etcetera etcetera. And yet I look back at his numbers and I see a guy who played for different coaches. Now I WANNA same Murray Sutter Stevens Jordan. And that doesn't count as a tour Chetty in interim coach and he's never had an elite partner. I mean people he's partnered with are the kind of people fan bases complain about on twitter. Dirk Eric for raid mcnabb. Even though I thought it was a perfect partner for even Jake Muhsin who who is an all star and a and a World Cup player Erin all of that and last season in this season his numbers just don't support the idea that he's the same player and I don't know if that is I don't know what it's about but it's concerning. Yeah I mean in the article. He said it's been stressful and depressing. Sometimes you gotta sit back and realize you don't have the team you once had so I think he's. He's just going back to the drawing board and figuring out how he can be a leader on this team and what the next year's look for him..

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